Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our First Day Alone...

Today Leo had to go into work to do a report which meant that I would be home with the two little ones...eek!

The good news is we all survived--that's always a plus, right?

I must say I am exhausted, though. Even with a little nap squeezed in.

It seemed like when one needed a diaper change, the other was crying.

When one was eating, the other was crying.

They both managed to nap at the same time which allowed me to take that little nap--yay!

I also folded all of the laundry, washed dishes and picked up the house somewhat. I hope Leo doesn't get used to that--I can already see somedays will be a struggle for all of us!

So that's it. We survived.

This tired momma and her two sweet girls.

I can now breathe a BIG sigh of relief!


Lindsay said...

ooo super mom!! WTG! I am sure you guys will fall into a rhythm.

amanda said...

long distance high five friend!! so glad to hear you survived and everyone is still in one piece :)

Lauranie said...

I LOVE it when mine nap at the same time!! Way to seize the moment and take a NAP! You are going to be fine! xo

Summer said...

Way to go mama!

Kristi said...

Your are an awesome Mommy!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

It sounds like you did much better than just manage! I think you did awesome. I have a hard time getting stuff done with just 1 tagging along!