Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bugaboo Friends Review

I was recently contacted to see if I would be interested in signing up for a new Bugaboo program online called Bugaboo Friends. I was very excited to try out this new site and to see what it was all about.

Let me give a quick background on Bugaboo. In 1999 the first Bugaboo debuted in Holland. Bugaboo was created after wanting a stroller that could be used for both leisure activities and for use in the city. When the designer, Max Barenbrug, tried to sell his revolutionary design in the beginning, it was believed that the whole concept was much too revolutionary. However, Max never gave up on his creation and in 1999 the first one was sold!

Now that we know the background of Bugaboo, let me tell you about Bugaboo Friends. Bugaboo Friends is located at bugaboofriends.com. When you register they will ask you a few short questions. Who are you, about yourself, what you like to do on a day out, etc. It didn't take long to register at all.

The whole registration took less than five minutes. After I got my confirmation e-mail I was able to log back onto http://www.bugaboofriends.com/. They have cute videos of families with their Bugaboo strollers out in the city, on a subway or in a park. Normal families that you can actually stop and think, hey--that could be me!

You are also added to a gallery of friends where you can connect with other members. See who's like you, maybe meet some new people that you wouldn't be able to meet otherwise. You can find different photos and videos in the gallery--I loved it! You can also be inspired by the many stories that are in the gallery of friends.

Monthly the gallery urges you to complete a challenge. This month's challenge is to create a video showing your Bugaboo in the city. Not only do you get to watch other videos and get inspired, but you also can win a prize for being the most creative one out there!

You can upload this to your social networks--Facebook, MySpace, etc. You can invite your friends, find friends and see how others spend time with their Bugaboo.

Thank you, Bugaboo, for providing me with the chance to join this amazing group!

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