Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Knew?

The past few weeks I have been so lazy about shaving my legs.

And. I. mean. lazy.

I'll shave occassionally and last week I shaved the day before I treated myself to a pedicure (only due to the fact that if I showed those hairy things in public I would be mortified!).

Leo doesn't say much--he knows what's good for him.

And Isabella?

She seriously loves 'em.

She keeps coming up to me and looking at my legs that are showing from my my pants and rubs them.

She probably now thinks that we have 3 pets.

Her cat.

Her dog.

And whatever is going on with Momma's legs.

Whatever makes her happy, right??


Patrice said...

LOL! too funny!! I've been the same way... at least you haven't been feeling well, so you kind of have an excuse! I have just been plain lazy.

Shannon said...

I'm horrible at shaving my legs in the winter - it is so cold up here they barely see the light of day at all :-)

I think you have a good excuse, use it while you can!!

Mrs. S said...

Oh girl, I have been the same way. It's summer, Im wearing pants all the time, (and when I dont I wear Knee high boots), and my husband is not here. I shave when absolutely necessary! hahah but shhh dont tell!

Susan said...

Too funny.
When my sister in lived in Africa for a summer she didn't shave at all. She said when she ran she could actually feel it moving...ewww.

Wendi said...

I have been a lazy shaver too.
I put on a skirt for church last week sans tights.
I grabbed a tube of Self Tan so as not to blind any one...and oh my!
Not only was I going to blind them, I was going to scare the heck out of them with my furry legs.
Um, and I have no pregnancy excuse.
Thanks for the laughs!

Dana said...

I'm definately guilty of that and it's not even THAT cold here. I felt really bad last week cause hubby said I wouldn't have to take my clothes off for my MRI and boy was he wrong........

Kristy said...

LOL! That is husband would kill me if I didn't shave my legs regularly..he complains if their is just a littl stubble...that's why I opted for laser hair like a charm!

The Mom said...

Hee hee! I haven't shaved since...August?! Luckily my legs aren't that bad, minus the scaly-lotionless-reptile look i have going on.

TMI? Sorry. *blush*

Jill and Rick said...

Well ewwwwwwwww! As someone that cannot sleep if my legs aren't shaved, ewwwwww!

Love you anyway!


Elaine A. said...

Yeah, I had to "mow" mine the other day! It took a while! Luckily my husband is pretty understanding, especially during this season! HA!

Hope you are feeling better...

Heather said...

oh my Lord ....I ditto what your mom said my dear! haha
I shave everyday wether Im feelin good...or sick, puking, pms-ing, doesnt matter! I just cant take the picky leg thing...grosses me out bad!!!!
but....looks like theres alot more ladies that roll like you ....:)
Im so glad your healthy and that baby is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!