Monday, February 9, 2009

Little of This, Little of That.

* It has been so nice here lately--in the 70's! Isabella and I played outside for quite awhile today. We pulled weeds, played chase, threw around a ball and she collected quite a collection of acorns. I saw the cutest outdoor shovels and watering cans--I think we will go back this weekend to pick it up for her.

* I am now over 15 weeks pregnant! Wow. Time is FLYING by. With Isabella each week seemed to last forever...not this time! I am starting to feel better and better. My latest cravings? Fruit, lots of fruit. Especially strawberries, blueberries, plums...yum!

* I'll be posting a "baby bump" pic this week. I am already showing! I haven't gained any weight thus far, but am sure that will change since I am eating more and keeping everything down.

* Isabella's latest vocab words: "ewwww? (this means hello)", "cooka" (cookie, cracker, anything you cook in the oven is a cooka), "go", "get down", "sat?" (what's that), "cheeee" (chewy our dog), "tee" (tree). I'm sure there are a few more, but her vocab has literally exploded in the past few weeks. LOVE my little girl!

* Isabella has a book called Feelings. Today I probably read it, oh...20 times? At least? I try to act out each feeling. She loves all of them....except the following: sad, mad, frustrated, scared. When I read her those she whimpers and hugs me. *sigh* She. is. adorable! And sweet, right?

* Leo tested for his next rank today...E-7 (Master Seargent). He doesn't feel very hopeful, but I do! He's so smart and knows so much about his job and the military. We won't find out until June, so I will be doing a lot of praying until then.

* I am addicted to Dum Dums. Guess it's better than chocolate, right??


Elaine A. said...

15 weeks already? It is going fast! Isabella sounds like she's certainly developing a little personality! This age is SO fun!

Susan said...

Wow, time is flying by. Great to hear from you. We didn't have nearly as warm temps as you but we have been out the last few days and it has been wonderful.
I can't wait until Mia is saying more words like Isabella. It is so much fun when they begin to communicate in such a cute way.
Can't wait to see the belly pic!

able mabel said...

Wow! Time does fly! I can't believe my baby is already 9 weeks old.
It has to feel nice to be able to keep food down. It'll be fun to see the belly bump pictures!

Anti-Supermom said...

Hey, I haven't 'seen' you in so long. I can't believe you are that pregnant!

i can't wait to see pcitures.

And the Feelings book story is precious. (You are so lucky, my boys NEVER act like that).

Kristi said...

I love it that Bella is saying so much and getting such a cute personality! I have to come visit you guys soon while she is in such a cute stage!

Love You!

Krystyn said...

Wow! 15 weeks. It sure flies the second time, doesn't it?

Can't wait for the belly pics!

Clare said...

Can't wait to see your baby bump! i am so glad you are starting to feel better:)

Jill and Rick said...

Hey! So glad to see you've posted again! Yes, Bella sounds like she's getting sweeter with every day, and we can't WAIT to see her!

grandma (great gma) said...

SO happy to see that you've posted again and read that you are feeling well enough to crave fruit etc. and keeping it down! That is such good news!
Love reading about Bella and her vocabulary. Can't wait to see and hear her and hope she will let gpa and I give her some hugs this time!
Little sweetie..
Yes, the time does go faster when you have another little one around to keep you busy.
love you all, gma

Heather said...

HI Chelle!
15 weeksw already huh! I think time goes faster with the 2nd because your so busy with the 1st! It did for me too:)
Strawberries and blueberries are the fruits with the most antioxidents and nutritional "good for you" stuff...(according to Dr Oz:) so thats great that those are what your craving! EAT UP!!!haha
I cant wait to see your little those pics!
have a great week~
ps...M jealous of your weather, herein Michigan it got up to 50 yesterday which is very rare for this time of year...but now....back to freezing and more snow. ugh!

Tiffany M. said...

Hey girl...I know how you are feeling with the whole military rank thing...Mark goes in front of the board next month for COL...very nervous but I have put it in Gods hands and he has taken care of us this far I know he will cont as long as we believe! Good Luck!

amanda said...

hi stranger :)

so glad to hear all is well in your world - 15 weeks whoo hoo and all of the fun with bella :)

so glad you are soaking it all in!

Krissy said...

Second pregnancies definitely do go so fast! I agree with that! It's actually crazy how fast they go! With my second it felt like I just got pregnant and I was already in the hospital having her. :) Just enjoy it!

forgetfulone said...

Isabella sounds so sweet. Glad your pregnancy is going well.