Thursday, May 28, 2009

No bikini body here. That's for sure.

I can't wait to get my body back.

To work out hard.

To sweat, have sore muscles from a great workout. To start running like I once did.

And to lose weight.

But right now?

My body is creating another human.

I can't lose weight.

I can't do the workouts I am craving to do.

It's not that I'm not happy for others, but it's hard to hear when you are sitting in your home, ac turned down to below 70 and still baking and feeling like a whale.

It's hard bc the heat and humidity down here are a pregnant girl's worst enemy.

It's hard bc I see cute summer clothes everywhere I turn and I feel so frumpy.

It's hard bc I am jealous. Jealous that my husband gets to work out whenever he wants....go on a run, lift weights, etc. Jealous of reading about how everyone is shaping up for summer.

Sorry to be such a's just been really hard lately with summer approaching and everywhere I turn is a commercial to lose weight. Or something about bikinis and looking great and feeling great.

Blah blah blah.

And here I am.

Just trying to remain positive for the next 9 weeks.



amanda said...

1) you can make it friend!! when your sweet little one arrives, the last thing you will be thinking about is bikini season :)

2) baby story gets me every stinkin time!!

3) sooo glad ms bella is feeling better!

Chance said...

I can relate. You are not alone. I remember my father-in-law once telling me, "It could be could be an elephant." What?! I later learned that elephants are pregnant for 22 months! That would truly suck. I pretty much become unbearable when I am prego, but the end result is SO worth it. Just think, this fall you can wear cute sweaters & have a beautiful baby! It is something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

well if it makes you feel any better.. im not ready for bathing suit season.. yet im not pregnant.. I am with Amanda once this baby gets here you wont be thinking about bathing suit season!

casey aubut said...

Aww- I totally know how you feel- I had 2 kids in 2 years- 13 months apart- being pregnant in summer while living in AZ is horrible! Hang in there! :)

Hera said...

Hang in there honey. You're so close, and I've seen the pictures. I know you're the cutest little pregnant woman! :)

Elaine A. said...

Oh hon, don't get too down on yourself. Growing a baby is hard, wonderful work! You'll be back to that in due time.

P.S. I can relate! ; )

Leslie said...

9 weeks? Sheesh, did time just fly by or what????? Wow. Sorry you are feeling a bit down. You are working hard, and it will all be worth it. Hang in there. ((hugs))

Lauranie said...

Hi, just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog! I really like yours, it's pretty. Yep being pregnant in summer sucks...but you are probably rockin the bikini with the cute belly! I couldn't...the dreaded stretch marks, but now after 3 I have come to terms and try to "tan" them away!
Are you guys at Keesler? Go by the Class 6 and pick me up some Apple I miss it! I need to make a run...I was active AF for 4, then LA ANG for 9, then my husband got paranoid after I had my Isabella (our 1st) and made me get out...13 yrs...oh well. Sorry about the long comment! Good luck with the giveaways!