Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart {A Winey Mommy Review}

I've always loved music--live bands, concerts, cd's--you name it and I'll give it a chance. Most of the time I listen to whatever suits my mood. Is it a Friday? You'll see me listening to fun music. Is it Sunday? I usually listen to something more low-key.

Today I'm listening to the new CD Celtic Woman Songs from the Heart. I have seen their commercials recently and thought that their music sounded very soothing, relaxing and something to just be able to listen to to relax. After listening to the CD my initial thoughts were correct. It's an awesome CD to listen to on a Sunday.

Their are many songs on the CD that I recognize, to include Amazing Grace, Fields of Gold and my personal favorite--Billy Joel's Goonight My Angel. I think I listened to Goodnight My Angel five times--Leo finally asked me to stop playing it.

Their voices are soft and very comforting to listen to. I know the girls would love to have this CD playing while they are falling asleep--Isabella and Madelyn each have their own musical toys to help them fall asleep and I know that this CD would be a hit with them.

Interested in watching them live? A list of their tour dates through April can be found here. And if you're interested in seeing portions of their live show you can click here.

Thank you to EMI Music and Music Moms for the opportunity to listen and review the CD. No other compensation was given. 


Laura said...

Im in to all kinds of music too. I'll give ita shot!
Thanks for the insight

Sarah said...

It's so funny you are listening to that, because my husband was just telling me he saw some commercials for the Celtic women concert, and though it looked "good"! Glad you are enjoying it!

The Pipster said...

I've heard of these ladies. I need to look in to downloading some of their music. I need some relaxing music.

Mom2three said...

I love listening to Celtic Woman! I try to catch their concerts on TV when I can. Would love to see them - great music!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Have you listened/seen Celtic Thunder? Produced by the same people, only 5 guys. You can find them on YouTube. Please oh please tell me if you watch or listen to them. (I love Celtic Woman as well.)

Kel said...

My daughters, 3 and 5, are in love with Celtic Woman. They can sing all the songs! We have even taken them to a Celtic Woman concert. It's too bad their new DVD doesn't include all the songs from the concert!