Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prima Princessa Swan Lake {A Winey Mommy Review}

Isabella {as many of you know by now} loves to sing and dance. I cannot wait to let her start dance and gymnastics once she turns 3--I have a feeling she'll just love it. Until she is old enough to register in classes she enjoys dancing to different DVD's. I can always count on a dancing show to uplift her spirits or to cure boredom on those rainy days.

I recently received the Prima Princessa Swan Lake DVD for Isabella to watch. It couldn't have arrived on a more perfect day. It was too cold to play outside and I was running out of ideas of what we could do. When I showed her the DVD she immediately wanted her tutu. I obliged and got it out for her. I popped in the DVD and sat down with her to watch and capture some pictures.

The Prima Princessa DVD's were started by two stay at home moms, Mary Kate and Stephanie. I love supporting mompreneurs and their creativity. Their Prima Princessa DVD is adorable and does not disappoint. It starts with explaining that they are at the ballet and shows the original ballet which takes place at a professional theater. The narrator which is a cartoon voice explains who wrote Swan Lake, when it was composed and what Swan Lake is about.

Isabella dancing away to Prima Princessa Swan Lake

After a few minutes from the theater ballet the DVD shows actual students performing different ballet techniques. The music is very peaceful and fun--not the loud type that many kids' shows have--it is actual classical ballet music! There are also little girls in tutus dancing and twirling around together laughing. Isabella loves those parts! It shows them all swinging together, falling down and laughing--which Isabella does at the same time. I love that she is learning so much about ballet and having fun at the same time.

The DVD will then go back to the next act and pick up where it left off telling the story of Swan Lake. I love the ballet parts. I haven't seen Swan Lake in years--we saw it in school when I was young and I don't remember it at all. It was beautiful to watch. How their gracefulness and the music goes perfectly together. The narrator does a great job to make it interesting for Isabella. She stopped and was just watching it. If the music picked up she was moving backwards to peek around the couch as if she knew what was coming. When it slowed down and was serious she stopped dancing and just watched--it captured her 2 year old attention which is amazing!

I would recommend this DVD to anyone with little ones who love to dance, move and are in the need of a different type of DVD to watch. I love how it incorporates the arts and is fun for toddlers and children at the same time. You can buy Swan Lake by clicking on the link and seeing the different retailers that sell it--the retailers include and Target. It is sold out but will be available for purchase on March 2nd. Check out the link to see what the DVD includes--it shows you scenes from the actual DVD.

We loved reviewing this DVD. I cannot wait to own more Prima Princessa shows for my girls. They would be a great DVD to show at a birthday party, playdate or even for your own family to enjoy.

Thank you to the Product Review Place for making this review possible. I received a copy of the DVD to view in order to write and complete this review. No other compensation was given.

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