Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Santa, I Want a Vacation...

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Before Leo left for Afghanistan we talked about our dream vacation. Where would we go? Would we like to take the girls or would we prefer to take the honeymoon that we never got?

Collectively we decided that we would bring the entire family--even now with our newest addition growing away and getting ready for their big May debut--and make it the ultimate family vacation. Vacations to me would be somewhere to relax, somewhere to unwind and get away from the everyday chaos that is usually surrounding our lives. We love the beach--preferably a little cottage on the beach. We could have lazy mornings of delicious breakfasts, afternoons on the beach with one of us taking the sleepy babies to go and nap while the other one stays to play with Isabella.

Collecting seashells, fresh fish for dinner, cooking up some delicious fresh vegetables that we would buy at the market...that to me is a vacation. My motto is lazy days, lazy nights and more than enough love to get us through. While someday we will do the whole Disney World vacation, for now? A lazy few days at the beach would be the perfect ultimate vacation for us.


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Brie said...

That's the one thing that actually gets me -excited- about deployments--- a family vacation together before hand sounds incredible!

The Mommyologist said...

I SO hope that you guys get your beach vacation when Leo gets back!!! Sounds heavenly!

Jenny said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation Chelle...hopefully when Leo gets back you guys can take advantage of a nice beach trip!