Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yep, it's a Post! Crazy Right?

*Still feeling the morning sickness...I am SO over being sick. I told Leo this is our last little one--boy, girl,  whatever. This? Is it. Ha! Thank God I'm over 10 weeks today. Just a little bit longer until the "magical" second trimester...come on normal feeling magic fairy--come spread your dust over here, please?

*I had my appointment with my midwife. LOVE her. She gave me an ultrasound so I could see the little one--my little teddy bear! If you know anything about the military they don't do ultrasounds just because. Hence why I love her.

*I bought the girls a few Christmas gifts. I'm trying to cut back on the amount of toys we have. I took a ton out to the storage room last nite...the house looks so much better!

*Last nite after my hard work of cleaning and picking up I popped (um, totally almost left "pooped" ha!) some popcorn. Bella wanted some so I got her a bowl. A little bit later I heard Macy barking at her...I went into the kitchen and Bella had made MOUNTAINS of salt all over the freshly swept kitchen floor. Awesome.

*Madelyn has been teething like mad. Poor babe is getting all of her molars in at the same time. Totally makes my heart break to see her so miserable.

*Tonite I wanted Chick-Fil-A. We went to this pos mall by our house--where they've had it forever. There are really no stores in said mall and I've always been so happy that they have that there so we don't have to drive forever. Anyway, get to where it should have been. It's closed down. I was so sad--and annoyed. No yummy chicken for me tonite...

*On another note I totally want Panera. Yum! It's in Mobile--around an hour away. I am so tempted to go there soon...

*Totally want to watch Paranormal Activity 2. I don't really want to go alone though...I'd be the one screaming and grabbing a stranger's arm. *uncomfortable...*

*Considering I'm feeling a little bit better I hope to be back to reading you all soon! I miss y'all--seriously. If anything big is going on with you feel free to email me. I love getting emails from my bloggy friends even if I'm not reading that much. Heart you, friends. xo


Lin said...'re back, sort of! Loved your update & I hope your 1st trimester sickness gets better soon.

Kmama said...

Hey you! Glad to see/hear you're still alive!!

I hope you start to feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for feeling a little better! Almost at the 2nd trimester and all things amazing during pregnancy come then :-P Poor Madelyn teething is the worst!

Admitted Fabricaholic said...

So happy my sister over at HIT led me to your site! I can totally relate - we have 2 daughters, 1 named Madeline as well - and are expecting another...morning sickness hasn't hit yet - but with the 2 that came before...I'm waiiiiiting. Lol

Looking forward to hearing more from you when you are feeling better! Love it when I find a new good blog!

Jenny said...

I hope the morning sickness fairy visits you soon, feeling sick all the time is no fun!
Too bad you do not live closer, I have 3 Panera's within 10 mins. of my house..I would go get you some!
Take care sweetie..hope to see you blogging more soon!

Clare said...

oh, i hope you start feeling better soon, that stinks!!

Krystyn said...

I think it was magic 14 for me before I started feeling better. Hope it's sooner for you.

I'm with you...I want some new different food like all the time. I don't even know what I want right now, but I want something!

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!! I didn't know you were pregnant. How exciting!!!
And that is so awesome about the ultrasound, I would just LOVE it if I could get one at each appointment. Wouldn't that be great!!!

Erin said...

So glad to hear from you! I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon. Any ideas on what you are getting the girls for Christmas? I'm the same way. I am so over buying toys.

amanda said...

and now i want chick fil a AND panera.

darn you pregnant woman!!