Sunday, November 7, 2010

When You Decide to Make Your Baby's Food...

When I gave birth to Isabella I felt flustered a lot of the time. There seemed to be an abundance of this or that scenarios. Breastfeed or bottle feed? Cloth or disposable diapers? Scented baby products or organic, all natural products? Buy baby food or purchase it? For a first time mom I almost felt over my head!

Then came Madelyn almost two years later. While I knew ahead of time what worked best for my family and for me, I still struggled on the baby food aspect. Sure, I would love to make my own baby food, but would I be able to do it with Isabella here, too?

In the end I decided to make Madelyn some of the foods that she ate. Whether it was mashed bananas, pureed fruit, or pureed vegetables that she refused to eat if purchased already pureed. Lucky for me I worked in dietary nutrition when I was in the Air Force--so foods at different textures came so easy to me!

Now with baby number three due to make their debut in May I am more sure than ever to try and make as many of their foods that I can. What makes it even easier? I have discovered Annabel Karmel's fabulous line of all things to making your own baby food even easier! When they arrived in the mail I couldn't believe it--there were so many amazing products that I fell in love with.

One of my favorites is the Mash & Serve Bowl. Do you know how much time I spent mashing up potatoes, bananas, green beans, etc with a fork? I had the bowl sliding around and it wasn't exactly the quickest approach possible.

The Mash & Serve Bowl makes mashing up your little one's foods a snap! It comes with a bowl and a handy masher--all you have to do is place whatever food you want to mash up in the bowl and start mashing away. No more crummy fork method for this momma--I can't wait to show Leo this, I'm pretty sure he's going to love it, too.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.

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Admitted Fabricaholic said...

I handmade baby food with both daughters. The older I had to be more vigilant with as she was allergic to rice (OF ALL THINGS!), and living in Germany at the time they didn't have organic baby food and what not, things that were just pure - just about everything had rice flour in it! But in the end I was so happy with it because I knew just how healthy she was eating. It makes it easier if you prepare beforehand and freeze it in ice trays, and then put all the ice cubes in a labeled ziploc baggie. 1 ice cube of food is 1 serving. Lasts about 3 months.

With baby number 2 I didn't have to be so vigilant, but she still got a lot of handmade food - its just so easy to take what you are already eating and mash it up. A hand mixer both times were my best friend.

Haven't thought about baby number 3 yet, but I am sure we will follow the same path as we did with no.2 :)

Good luck!