Monday, October 3, 2011

You're 4 Months Old Now...

Now that you are over 4 months old...I can't believe you're already over 4 months old...I wanted to capture a few of your sweet Brynlie moments.

~You are still my breastfeeding champ and I love it. You love it. We're both so happy and it's our own special time together. I love having our quiet time's been wonderful for our bonding.

~You have laughed for a total of ONE time. Lots of smiles. Sometimes you try to laugh, but you cry. Or cough--like a fake cough. Which makes me giggle and you start doing the whole cough/cry thing all over again. One of these days you'll get it.

~You look so serious in almost all of the pictures that I have of you. But you're really not so serious. The nurses and pediatrician were in love with you and your baby coos and baby grins and your love that you have for your momma. I beamed when they asked if you were always so happy. Yep, you are baby girl. Just not so much in pictures.

~You roll everywhere. Okay. Let me be clear. You rolled from tummy to back from before 7 weeks old. I'm not joking. I thought it was an "oops" moment, but nope. You're now a back to tummy roller. You tend to roll from one way to another. You're my little super baby!

~Your stats from your 4 month old checkup: 13.1 lbs (so itty bitty) and 24 1/2" long (so petite). You're in the low 30% range for everything size related--my dainty little baby girl.

~You are obsessed with your hands. You pray, you suck your fingers, you suck on your thumb. You're adorable.

So, that's it baby girl. You're growing up so quickly and I really need to get better at chronicling everything on my blog for you and your sisters. After all, my blog is a baby book for you all to read throughout the years. I promise to write more about you girls AND take more pictures, okay?


amanda said...

happy happy four months sweet girl :)

just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big!! Happy 4 months!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Such a little cutie. I am loving that owl on her hoodie. Adorable. :)

Venassa said...

What a pretty girl! So cute that she's not quite sure how to laugh yet. Glad she's a really happy baby for you.