Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The One With a Toot. Or a Series of Toots.

This past weekend we made the drive to Texas to see Leo's family. The girls did so well (the trip home was another story...) and Isabella begged to stop at the rest stop with the huge Texas star once we crossed into Texas.

I take her into the bathroom and as we are washing up we hear something. Someone was just letting them rip in one of the stalls.

I, being the mature adult that I am, hold in my giggles. Isabella on the other hand? Not so much.

She starts looking around, trying to figure out where it was coming from. She then looks up at me once all is quiet again.

"Mommy?" she asks. "What was THAT?!"

I rushed us out to car and by then I died laughing. Leo asked me what was so funny...

As I finish telling him we both look at one another with tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

Let it be known--children? Have absolutely no filter. And I?

Find that absolutely refreshing.


Jenny said...

That is hilarious! Kids do say the funniest things and make you laugh when you least expect it and maybe need it the most!

Such a sweetie she is!

amanda said...

this is adorable :) and hilarious :)