Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Tradition...

My Mom has made a strawberry pop cake for as long as I can remember--seriously. It's a Valentine's Day tradition and SO good. Not to mention that it's insanely easy to make.

-Buy a box of white cake mix

-Substitute strawberry pop for the water (so you will use strawberry pop, oil and egg whites. NO water)

-Bake as directed

I also make a strawberry frosting. It's insanely good!

-Powdered sugar

-Melted butter (a couple of tbsp)

-Softened cream cheese

-Strawberry pop

Dump in powdered sugar, butter, cream cheese and a small amount of strawberry pop. Mix with your mixer and add more powdered sugar/strawberry pop as desired. Mix until frosting consistency.

I don't have the exact frosting measurements...I just add until I get the frosting that I want.

Top your cupcake with red hot candies, candy, fresh strawberries, sprinkles--or anything that you would like. You'll then end up with the most delicious cupcake ever.

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Lin said...

Thats a pretty awesome recipe you got yourself here. Also, that's one good looking cupcake :)

amanda said...

oh man strawberry pop sounds sooo yummy. and inside of this cupcake sounds even better.

Jewls said...

Sooo cute! I need to try those!