Saturday, June 2, 2012

Novel Spotlight: A Contented Mind by Samantha Hoffman

About the Book

Sometimes it takes seeing the dream before we find the courage to face the nightmare.

Remember when you were little and afraid of what may be lurking in the dark, in the shadows. But as we get older we realize what really is scary...that is living life that isn't fully lived, having desires that have yet to be fulfilled, and a past that makes you paralyzed and afraid to move forward.

For Meg Scott, a young and vibrant author, she has moved to a home of her dreams on the West Coast. Having been a victim of a crazed fan she has stepped outside of her comfort zone. She has joined a rock band as their violinist. They are about to depart for tour in Europe and when she shakes hands with the band's drummer, Jadon Hastings, there is a love and electricity that she never knew existed beyond the words and stories that she wrote about. 

Meg will come to realize that she has to confront the past, the present, and the future. And once she does this she will come to discover that sometimes those we trust are the ones that we should not trust at all...

About the Author

Samantha Hoffman began to write books as a young child. Although those roughly hewed books are now kept under lock and key, they possess the same need to understand life as her current novels. In the past Samantha has written numerous columns on heath and spirituality for a local newspaper. Currently she writes the popular blog Insanity-A Writer's Commentary On All Things as well as two novels A Contented Mind and its sequel Chasing Nirvana. She has also written the children's chapter book series Dainty Delaney. Currently she is at work on her third novel. 

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This sounds like a very fun summer read!