Saturday, June 30, 2012

Potty Training Tips and Tricks

I can honestly say that potty training is something that makes me a little anxious to begin. Although I long for the diaper days to be over, I also dread potty training.

I am currently potty training Madelyn and I have realized a few things this time around while potty training:

  • It is not easy. It cannot be done in a day. Did I mention that it isn't easy?
  • Try to plan when to start potty training in advance. Going on a vacation? Wait until you are home to start potty training. Do not start potty training the month of said vacation.
  • Have patience. There WILL be accidents. You will feel defeated. It's okay to feel defeated. Just keep pushing through it and have a plan.
  • Don't start too early. I have heard many parents brag that they are potty training their one year old. Sure, introduce them to the potty. Have them sit on the potty while you are in the bathroom. But don't have your heart set on your child being "ready" to start. 
  • Look for "signs" that your child is approaching the potty training age. 
  • Have a reward system! Stickers, lollipops, buying their own underwear--potty training should be fun and exciting for your little one! 
  • Be consistent with the timing of taking a potty break. Pull-Ups has a timer that you set as a fun reminder to your little one that it's potty time. Being consistent with potty breaks and following the guidance from Pull-Ups has helped me tremendously with potty training. 
  • Staying home was helpful in the beginning with each of my girls. I tried to let my husband do the errands and running around. If it was necessary that we leave I would utilize Pull-Ups in case of an accident.
  • I learned that Pull-Ups are GREAT for naps, bedtime, car trips. While at home my girls were in their underwear. Try out different methods and find what works best for your child.
  • Make potty training a fun time for your child. It can turn very stressful for a little one very quickly. Come up with a fun plan. Talk about potty time and be excited! This should be a very fun and exciting time. If you feel like your child isn't ready? That's okay! Wait until you think they are ready and it will be a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

Pull-Ups are a great way to begin potty training. Not only do they have fun designs that your child will love, but they have a great community of tips, hints, tricks. One of my favorite things that Pull-Ups offers is the phone call from a Disney character! We had Cinderella give Madelyn a call and she LOVED it:

Below is a great way to get started with potty training. Remember, it may not be easy, but you will get through it. Good luck!

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Kara said...

My problem with potty training was that I didn't have total buy in from her daycare provider. So I would have her dry at home all weekend and then send her back to daycare where we would be back a square one.

Finally we approached a week I was going to be home with her full time and we were in underware the entire week.

When I sent her back to daycare I took at the diapers away from the daycare provider and left her with 1 pull up for nap time.

So the tip I would add to this is make sure all caregivers for your child, including daycare, are all in when you start training!! :)