Monday, July 2, 2012

A Lesson in Being Brave.

Back at the end of May a certain 4 year old chopped off her hair. She wanted short hair. Her reasoning? Less tangles. Tangles are an enemy here in our home. They hurt. They make someone cry. They had to be gone.

She was scared. She made Madelyn go first and Madelyn showed her that haircuts were fun. She couldn't let her baby sister be the brave one, so up in the chair she went. Inches of hair were gone in moments. I was choked up but tried to be the brave one. I succeeded. she succeeded, we made it through yet another haircut.

After haircuts Isabella announced she wanted earrings. I'm ready, Mommy. I want earrings.

So another choked up momma moment and we were sitting and waiting to get earrings. Pink, sparkly earrings. Prin-press earrings. When the moment came to have it done she didn't back out. She sat there bravely and didn't shed a tear. No screaming. No tears. Just a happy girl with two earrings and a lollipop.

It's funny how in a span of one day she grew up in more ways than one. She was certainly braver than I was. How is that even possible? 

So for now I think we have hit a few major milestones in the whole growing up area. I need a break from it...I need to sit back and enjoy every moment that comes our way....and hope that my girls will stay little for a long, long time...


Jenny said...

Such a beautiful girl and so brave! I the whole growing it's happening too fast!

Nessa said...

Definitely a brave girl. I would be scared to get my ears pierced, if I didn't have them done since I was a baby.

Kara said...

Good job, big girl! (You can decide if this comment if for girl or momma...)

amanda said...

oh wow mama!! i am so proud of you!!

ps - she is beautiful!!

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

She is very brave!! I'm waiting for mine to be ready for earrings!