Wednesday, July 18, 2012


* The hot summer months, the summer evening storms, the lazy summer days. Summer may be my new favorite season...but, shhhh....don't tell fall that.

* Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother, and the start of Bachelor Pad. Love me some quality tv!

* That Brynlie walks around saying "Bay-beee". She loves her babies and it's her first word that has two different syllables.

* My new Whirley Pop. Seriously. It makes the best. popcorn. ever. Trust me on this one.

* Essie and their collection of new summer shades. Currently on my toes? Mojito Madness. It's fun and makes me feel young. Love.

* Drinking iced coffee in the mornings. I have been making batch after batch of the Pioneer Woman's iced coffee recipe and it is all sorts of amazing. I haven't used my coffee pot all summer!

* That even though Leo is out of the country we can still text thanks to Apple and their amazing capabilities. Thank you, Apple!


Kara said...

Ree, the Pioneer Woman, is simply amazing. I want to be her bff.

I am happy to hear you are enjoying your summer! Happy Wednesday!

amanda said...

better than fall?? please tell me you are joking!!


happy thursday friend!!