Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today is a Good Day

Good morning! Hope e'one is all rested and ready to take on another day....I know I am pretty rested, Bella has been sooo good about sleeping through the night, which is a huge relief!

I am afraid to say, but her eye is looking irritated again. This is the same eye with the clogged tearduct. Poor baby...I had a dream last night that her eye was irritated again, and what do you know! Her appointment is on Thursday for her well-baby, so if it doesn't get any worse before then we will wait to take her in. It's not near as bad as it was, so that's good...part of me just thinks I am so paranoid and over-analyzing "the eye"...

I have my list of things I need to do today...I don't know what it is about our family and lists! Leo HATES lists where I know that mom, Kristi (sister) and I cannot live without lists! It a little obsessive on my part...for example...the other day we had to go to the store for a few things. I told Leo to write it all down-we are notorious for forgetting things!-he rolled his eyes and couldn't believe that I was making a list for the 4 things. Long story short, we get to the store and (smirking) he asks for the "list"...oh, no! I forgot my list!!! He thought this was hysterical, but you know what? We did forget something! So in the end I still felt the list was a neccisity!

Going to try and post a few pics from yesterday....I need a new camera. Why do you ask? Well, I have hardly any pics of Bella smiling! Ahh!!! Our camera has a red light that goes off as your taking the pics and she gets mesmerized by this light which = no baby smile, just that shocked look! I am trying to talk Leo into it, so please, by all means, wish me luck! I think he is beginning to see all the pics without smiles and is starting to understand...

Hope ya'll have a great day, I know we will. Going to make pizzas for dinner-we always make our own. It's something different we can do and doesn't take too much time. I usually buy store crust but ran into a real easy homemade crust recipe and am going to give it a shot. If it works I'll be sure to post it. Wish me luck!

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