Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yay! It's Wednesday!!

Hi, everyone...hope ya'll are doing great. Well, as promised, I made the pizza last nite...and it was so good! We had a kind of emergency situation, though...Last week I bought us some pizza sauce (glass jar...not good!). After I made the crust last nite and was letting it rise I started to get the rest of my ingredients together...reach into the cabinet for the sauce and ewwww!! The lid had gotten dented (probably from the ride home!) and there was a white substance growing...needless to say I did not use that sauce. Leo had to run to the store to go get some since that was our only jar. It ended up tasting really good and I am proud of making my own crust! Here is the recipe as promised:

1 pkg quick rise yeast
1 c lukewarm water
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 1/2 c of flour
1 tbsp honey (we didn't add it, but I think I will try it next time)

Mix yeast and water. Add all other ing and mix by hand. Let rise 5-10 minutes (I placed mine on top of the warm oven, worked wonderfully). Flatten on a greased pizza pan, place desired toppings on top. Bake at 400 degrees for ~12 minutes.

See, I told ya that it was easy!

On to bigger and better things, Bella has learned how to grasp the music player on her pink bouncer chair! So she can play music all the time now by herself!! What a BIG girl!! She hasn't quite mastered the farm chair, although she loves the other toys on that one more! On her pink chair she rips off the dragonflies and drops them on the put them back on and whadda you know...there they are on the floor again! Ha! I'm not sure if I have mentioned this, but she can roll over from tummy to back and she LOVES to laugh! Just like her mommy, I have a natural giggler :) You can do the silliest things and she absolutely cracks up! Ah, how I love my little girl. She has *almost* rolled over from back to tummy as well...she gets onto her side and plops back over, but we are almost there!! She also loves playing the airplane game with mommy, she giggles and smiles the entire time. Leo and I feel so blessed to have her as our child. Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow as she is getting her 1st set of shots. I am really nervous, but know it is for the best.

Hope all had a wonderful Wednesday and until then, bye!

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Lisa said...

That recipe does look easy. I'll be thinking of Bella tomorrow and I hope all goes well at the doctor's office. I never did like it when my kids got their shots either. But now they are all so good about it. They realize it's for their own good. One day I'm sure Bella will feel the same. :)