Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Quick Update From the Garza Family

Well, we are all at home now (for the time being!). We had such a wonderful trip and hated leaving everyone. My family was so hospitable and (like always) made us feel right at home. Leo came up Memorial Day weekend and we drove up to Indiana to see my Dad's family. It was so nice seeing all of them--I haven't seen most of them for 4 years! Isabella got to meet her Great Great Grandma (I have posted a 5 generation photo). Pretty unbelievable, right? You don't see that very often and I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity.

Isabella is sick, poor sweet baby. She has a yucky stomach virus w/a fever that has stayed at 101-102. She had to get a couple of shots on Tuesday, so the Ped thought w/the combo of both that it intensified both of them. Please say a quick prayer that she gets better soon. I know she would appreciate it!

And finally, have I told you that we're getting a Cocker Spaniel? She was born April 18th and we have named her Daisy. We'll be getting her in a month! I am so excited and you know I'll take lots of pictures of her and Bella together.

Enjoy the pictures above and hopefully when Bella gets well I can get back to posting more. Take care, be safe and God Bless You!

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Jill and Rick said...

We miss you guys!! & Sweet Bella, we hope that you're feeling MUCH better when you wake up in the morning. smmooooooches!

Love you guys!