Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Christmas Meme...

I've been tagged by the always funny and always sweet G-Zell for this super fun Christmas meme.  This was started by Heather over at Top Ten Christmas Blog.  Here we go!

1.) Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Yep!  But I'm nowhere near finished.  Stressing about how much I need to get done...yikes.

2.) Tell me about one of your special traditions.  Well, this is the first year that Isabella is sort of understanding Christmas and Santa.  But I would love for us to go and look at Christmas lights together as a family.  We also play Christmas music the entire month of December.  I hope to get more traditions as a family as the girls get older.

3.) When do you put up your Tree?  Usually the day after Thanksgiving except for this year--we decorated early since we were out of town on Thanksgiving.

4.) Are you a Black Friday shopper?  No...we did go later on in the day.  I usually do most of my shopping online for Christmas--way easier than dragging the family out together.

5.) Do you Travel at Christmas or Stay home?  Usually stay at home, but we'll be going to Missouri so we can go and spend some time with my Grandpa.

6.) What is your funniest Christmas memory? Last year on Christmas Eve nite, Leo and I were putting together Isabella's toddler coupe car.  I had the worst morning sickness and could barely function {I wish I were kidding...}.  Anyway, we opened the box and we were missing wheels and other parts!!  I could have died!!  We now will make sure all parts are with all gifts...before Christmas Eve! Haha!

7.) What is your favorite Christmas Movie of All time? All of them?  Lol--it's a tie between Christmas Vacation and Elf.  Love them both!

8.)Do you do your own Christmas Baking, what’s your favorite treat? Yes!  I love baking.  This year I've made pumpkin bread, pumpkin choc chip bread.  I'll be making Snickerdoodles for my cookie exchange.  And I know we'll make homemade toffee and magic cookie bars...yum!

9.) Fake or Real Tree? We have a fake tree although we love them both.

10.) What day (as a Mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done? Honestly?  This year it really hit me on December 1st.  I hate seeing countdown signs everywhere I go...ahhh!

11.) Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? Yeppers!

12.) What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas? I love Christmas Eve nite, Christmas morning and watching A Christmas Story together.  Oh--I forgot that on my favorite movies!

13.) What Christmas craft do you like the best? I have NO time this year for anything crafty, lol!

14.) Christmas music? Love it all!  I only get to hear the songs for one month, so I use that to my advantage.

15.) When do you plan to finish all your shopping? I honestly cannot answer this...

Wanna plaay along?

Just simply copy and paste the questions into your blog, and then answer them.
When you post your blog, please spread some Christmas cheer, and leave a link back to Heather's Top Ten Christmas Blog, and the blog that you were tagged by.

Loved this meme!!  If you play along, leave me a comment and let me know so I can go and give you some comment love.


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

sister I am WITH you with the online shopping. Not moving? Wine? done and done.

The Mommyologist said...

Sounds like you have some great traditions! And Christmas Vacation is my fave too...I never get tired of it!

Jewls said...

Oh boy, at least you have your decorations up...I still don't!

blueviolet said...

I love artificial trees for the no muss, no fuss of it but I do miss the smell of a real tree!

I would like to be done shopping too!

G-Zell said...

i am so not started lol, Chloe is so easy and the boys get giftcards... no decorations up and I am going to make Jeff take them down from the garage shelves cuz their heavy.

Oh ya since you love to bake send me some stuff to cali:) LOL

Krystyn said...

What a fun meme.

I haven't done any shopping...that's probably bad, right? And, we don't have a tree, either.

Oh well...I'm not stressing, YET!

Loukia said...

Love these! Also, I totally love Elf... like, OMG, that movie is sooo funny... and so Christmas-y!

amanda said...

number six cracks me up!! i would have died!!

Heather B. said...

This was so fun! I did one too!

Allison R said...

This is great. Your favorite movies are mine too! I've been watching Christmas Vacation on AMC all week and just let Meg watch Elf last week. She loves Buddy.

Since you love baking, you should start baking and decorating cookies with Isabella. We love doing it every Christmas Eve morning.

Lindsay said...

hehe I loved this Meme.. I just did it on my blog! I think my favorite answers for yours was the last one!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

How fun! When I was a little girl after the Christmas Eve church service we would take the long way home hunting for some lights to look at. It was so much fun! I hope to start doing that with Carter this year too. We have a park in town that decorates all out each year. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions of the year and they give out the best Cherry Mash candies at the end!

What part of Missouri will you be in?

Connie said...

Elf is very sweet! What is the link for the originator of this meme? We just put our tree up tonight - Christmas in a new home, with new kittens... wonder how long the tree will stay up?!

Connie said...

Elf is very sweet! What is the link for the originator of this meme? We just put our tree up tonight - Christmas in a new home, with new kittens... wonder how long the tree will stay up?!

Courtney said...

I loved all of your answers! Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year!! I had to post this on my blog and tag some people too!! Thanks!