Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Toys...

I love shopping for my girls. In fact, a majority of the time I do any shopping it is for Isabella and Madelyn. Besides clothes shopping, I love shopping for toys. I especially love toys that I can remember from my childhood--and the fact that the girls love them, too, is an added bonus!

 First up is the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Easy Store Picnic Table. I've been wanting a table for outside--and one that could be moved indoors as well. It's just too hot down here right now for much outside play, so if I could bring the outside in, that would be awesome. This table is excellent! Super easy to put together and both girls love it.

They eat snacks on it, Isabella will color, or they will just play nicely with one another. They love having their own special table that is for them and them only. Although sometimes Isabella wants me to go and and sit with her--and lets face it, I definitely will not fit!

Our second favorite toy right now is the Melissa and Doug Lace & Trace Pets. I remember doing activities like this when I was younger and loved them! Isabella had fun trying to do these in the car during our long trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago. These are great for the car, doctor's office or anywhere that you want your little one to be occupied!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Melissa and Doug Pound-a-Peg toy. Again, I had something similar to this one when I was a little girl--I loved it! Both Madelyn and Isabella love this toy. It keeps them occupied for quite awhile and I love having them both playing together. Definitely a great toy for any little one!

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite toys that we have right now--and these are great for girls and boys! What are some of your favorite toys that your little one(s) play with right now? I'm already starting to get my Christmas list in order and am in need of some ideas!

Thank you to CSN Stores for offering the above products to review! No other compensation was given and all opinions expressed above are my own.


Lindsay said...

Love these toys! We don't have those exact lacing cards but Sammy loves to do them! The pound a peg is still entertaining 2 years after we got it..that always makes a good toy!

Llama said...

How fun! I love the lacing cards! They are super for developing fine motor skills! I remember having a little picnic table like that when I was young, it was great for everything!

Mellisa Rock said...

I wonder if my kids would like the lacing cards. I am looking for something to keep them occupied in the car - they are driving me crazy with the are we there yets?!