Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Start-rite Shoes

Now that Madelyn is nearly walking I have started thinking about what type of shoes to buy her. There are so many adorable childrens shoes available--and with fall going to be here before we know it I am even more excited! I love the different styles of shoes available for fall--and especially for my girls.

I have been browsing around and I have to say I love the huge selection of childrens shoes from Start-rite. Their site is so helpful--and everything is categorized to browse easily. While browsing around, I found a few cute pairs that I would love to get Madelyn--and Isabella, too! Isabella has been a little obsessed with shoes and shopping, so she'll probably love browsing around with me online.

And don't think that these shoes are only for infants and toddlers--Start-rite has shoes for older children, too! Their site really is tailored for all families with children.

Due to Madelyn never wearing shoes, I have no clue on what size to start trying on her little baby feet. Do I start in toddler? Infants? Thankfully for me--and any other parent that has wondered what size to buy their little one--Start-rite has an online video showing how to calculate what shoe size to get her. It is a three step process and absolutely awesome!

You print the grid first on your home printer. You will then take three pictures of each foot while on the grid. Make sure they're wearing solid, light colored socks and place the grid on a hard surface, not on carpet. After taking the different photos you will then save them onto your computer as a JPEG. Once that is complete, visit Start-rite and upload the photos.

Voila! You are done! So easy and this will guarantee that your Start-rite shoes will fit. It's always frustrating to try and find what size you "think" your child is only to receive the shoes and have them be too small.

Have fun browsing and shopping Start-rite--I have a feeling you're going to love them, too!

This was a sponsored post. No product was given to review or exchange. Post is based on my experience with Start-rite and all opinions are my own.

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