Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keds and High Tops. Need I Say More?

I remember being young and going shopping for new clothes with my Mom & Dad. It was quite possibly one of my favorite parts of the upcoming fall. While I don't remember many of my chosen outfits--although pretty sure they were jeans that could be tight rolled and anything with puffy paint--I do remember my shoes.

My first favorite pair were my Keds. I loved them dearly--and they had to be Keds. I remember my Mom buying me an off brand pair and I would stare longingly at the real deal in which a majority of my friends were wearing. I loved that blue rubber on the heel...and finally after much begging I received my first pair. Swoon.

Second favorite pair? Definitely my black high top Reeboks. Not the one strap Reeboks, the two strap. I had both, but you guessed it--I begged for the two strap and finally was able to go out and get them. They were awesome and went with everything--from my tight rolled jeans, to my leggings with stirrups. I rocked those shoes like no other.

Last, but certainly not least, were my L.A. Gear white with pink, orange and black coloring. Those shoes were the bomb. I remember buying them with my parents and pleading to please, please wear them out of the store. They were just that awesome.

Because shoes have been such a big part of my life I was thrilled to be contacted to partner up with Sears and their Family First campaign. Parenting expert Victoria Pericon is now partnered with Sears to share parenting tips, advice as well as suggestions on affordable, trendy and high quality items that Sears now has to offer. Sears is an excellent place to find great deals on shoes and clothing for all of your back to school needs. Their prices and sales are wonderful and their

If you have a school aged child be sure to check out her selection of what shoes are trending for this year for your child(ren). My step-daughter has worn a few of the styles that she talks about and I love this segment--because let's face it. Things that we think are trendy and cute our children will more than likely roll their eyes and tell us that it's "too old" or "nobody wears that anymore". 

Take a peek at her video--around one minute in length and surprise your child(ren) by suggesting some of the styles that she mentions. Who knows--maybe they'll think that you have better taste than they give you credit for!

Also, Sears offers a Kidvantage--FREE--program. Be sure to check this out as it is an amazing deal. My favorite part of this program is if a piece of clothing or pair of shoes gets worn out before your child outgrows them, they will replace it for you--for FREE.

Be sure to follow Sears Family First on Twitter, Facebook and bookmark their website. They'll be offering great tips, advice, trends, contests and giveaways! You definitely do not want to miss out on this!

Sears Family First on Twitter

Sears Family First on Facebook

Sears Family First Website

I received no compensation in writing this post. I love shoes and Sears and was thrilled to share their new Family First campaign with my readers.


Lisa said...

I absolutely LOVED my LA Gears!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

we must be twins! i rocked the same kicks! all 3 and omg the reeboks with peg leg jeans and stirrups and then we would trade one shoe with our friends to have different color combos and throw in some slouch socks!

Hattie said...

I had the keds and the black & white reebocks, but I never wore the LA Gears! Instead I rocked the black adias w/ white stripes. I loved me some Run DMC!!! Ha!