Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lose the Baby Weight...Easier Said Than Done.

It's been close to five weeks since Brynlie was born.


So answer me this. Why am I so hard on myself about my weight?

I weigh the same I did one year ago--and Madelyn was 11 months old then. I wasn't pregnant. Just having a hard time losing the weight, I guess.

I then somehow lost 20 pounds from June until September. I mowed like a mad woman, worked on my yard and was so stressed about Leo going to Afghanistan that I think it was the perfect storm to lose some pounds.

Now? I get mad at myself for not being able to comfortably fit in my pre-Brynlie jeans.

For having a chest the size of...well, it's huge.

My hips are still wider than they were.

I've had this problem of being hard on myself about my physical appearance my entire life--ever since I was in middle school.

I know I just had a baby.

I know that I will eventually lose the weight.

But it doesn't help that I hate how I look. How I'm dreading buying some clothes for my trip to Missouri next week. (which involves a swimsuit. i hate swimsuit shopping as it is and now one month post baby swimsuit shopping? i am requiring some margaritas beforehand...)

I'm not looking for anyone to say that I look good or that it will come off. I have 17 pounds to lose to be to my weight when I discovered I was pregnant. I know that it will come off.

It's just that it's here now and combined with the brown hair that I didn't want from the salon I'm just a little blah....sorry...

***I know that I'm blessed beyond belief to have three amazing daughters. I'm not complaining about them at all. I just have body issues and pray that my daughters will never have them. This isn't me complaining about them whatsoever. It's just me venting, getting this off my chest and hopefully will give me the kick I need to start my postpartum workout and stop eating foods that aren't the healthiest.


Jewls said...

Good luck!! Hopefully all the yummy fresh produce and summer heat will help! Don't be too hard on yourself (I know, easier said than done!)

jeands said...

Haha I actually enjoyed reading your blog and this post particularly.

I have the same issue myself, losing some weight after giving birth is the hardest.

well, good luck and enjoy your trip.

Jessica @ My Simply Complicated said...

You don't have to apologize for having body issues. I think it's certainly natural to have problems with self-confidence after just having a baby...shoot, for just being a WOMAN!

We all have those issues and you HAVE to vent about them from time-to-time. You'll do it! Just don't make excuses for yourself!


Melissa said...

Vent away! I feel similar. I am now 7 weeks post-partum and have about 5 pounds to lose. It is apparent that even after losing those five pounds that my pants I was wearing pre-pregnancy are not going to fit. They are too small. My tummy is just not how it used to be. Hopefully it will get back to where it was. I know it's going to take some time for things to settle and re-firm. I never and will never have a six-pack. My stomach will never be flat - but it can definitely get better than it is now!

I was speaking with a dietician and she told me that it takes two years for your body to get back to where it was pre-pregnancy. Two years!

So give yourself some time and try to be easier with yourself. Good luck!!!

- Melissa

Marvelous Mommy said...

Girl I know the feeling! My newest will be 3 months TOMORROW and I'm having such a hard time getting motivated to lose weight.

I have "fat jeans" that I wore after my first was born that don't even fit me right now!!

I'm thinking of doing the Couch to 5K thing like Lynette at My Wee View is doing!

Krystyn said...

That's a tough time. You can't expect to be "back to normal" already! But, I remember that time and wanting to be back to normal, because I certainly didn't want to buy "fat" clothes, and didn't fit in my regular clothes!

Not fun. Good luck.

amanda said...

ten months out and i swear i am still in transition clothes. and completely ignoring the swimsuit section.

i want to be european. when we were in the bahamas last year they were all owning it and working it. and some of them should have been hiding it!!

seriously one of these days i want to let myself off the hook - i want to embrace what this new body gave me. i want that to matter more than the tag on my pants.


blueviolet said...

Sometimes just airing it and doing a little rant frees you of it, so I'm glad you did! It will come off, but you're only 5 weeks post-birth so you gotta give yourself a little slack, right?

Llama said...

Dont EVEN! 9 months on~ 9 months off...if you do it the healthy way! Your gorgeous inside and out!:)