Saturday, June 18, 2011

You? Are Fabulous...And Don't Let Anyone Tell You Different...

I think it is safe to say when it comes to motherhood we are our own worst critic. I know that I personally have such a hard time remembering to stop for a moment and see how well that I have raised my daughters so far.

With the growing amount of pressure that society and the media throw at us:

Lose your baby weight before you leave the hospital!

Gasp--you don't breastfeed?!

You must bottle feed!

Every mom needs to stay at home!

Go to work-women fought for your rights to do so!

You must make  home cooked meals with preferably organic foods only, no sugar and definitely NO HAPPY MEALS!

You must maintain a spotless home!

Show me your gorgeous flowers outside in your perfectly landscaped yard!

I could honestly go on and on and on. So why is it that so many times other women--other moms--are our worst critics? The stress and anxiety that this causes is quite overwhelming to me. You would probably assume that by now, three children later, that I would let comments/snide remarks/snobby looks roll off of me. But honestly? It hasn't changed much since I had my Isabella almost 4 years ago.

Even while pregnant with her I would get comments from people about how I was doing this wrong, not supposed to do that, etc. It's enough to make us scream. Nobody is perfect. No parent is perfect. If it seems like they are? Rest assured that they are far from it. We're all human. We all are bound to make a mistake at some point in our lives raising our children.

I definitely have had those moments....and I still am to this day.

Nothing has prompted me to write this post. I just feel like sometimes, as a woman and a mom, that I need to give ALL of my readers a hug and reassure you all that you are doing an amazing job at being a mom. Nobody knows better than you what is best for your child, your family.

So, to my readers? Keep doing that fabulous job of being a mom. Nobody rocks it quite like you do!


Brittney said...

I dont know why but this post made me tear up. Thanks for posting this!!!

Kristin said...

We really don't give ourselves enough credit. Great post!

Llama said...

Why o why does our society do this to the most wonderful of people?! Im not a mom yet, but I see it happening to my friends. There is so much JUDGEMENT it is ridiculous. I think you are an amazing mom in everything you do! Keep your head up sweetie! :)

Jenny said...

TotallfTy agree! You summed it up perfectly!

Mom2three said...

Thank you for writing this. Moms have many pressures from outside forces and that "evil voice" inside our heads that compels us to compare and be compared. We spend so much time trying to live up to who we/they think we should be that we lose sight of who we are and the job that God has given us. Very well written.

amanda said...

amen and right back at you friend!

Anonymous said...

I am with amanda! Amen and right back at you!

Clare said...

i totally agree!! love this post:)