Monday, June 20, 2011


*Bachelorette. Why is she so hung up on Bentley? Seriously? The guy treated her like crap...and she keeps. talking. about. him. I wish she could see what we all saw and then, maybe, she would stop going on about him...

*I finally found a girl who did my hair amazingly well. Problem? She no longer works at my salon. Soooo....I saw a new girl. Who totally turned me into a brunette. And cut off a lot of length. Not what I had hoped for when I went in telling her I wanted honey/caramel hues and a trim. *sigh* Now to find a new stylist and wait out the next few weeks rockin' out my hair as if I loved it.

*I'm in the market for some new makeup and would like to stay on a budget. I had been going to Ulta and splurging on my foundation & powder (used Bare Minerals...not the biggest fan...), but now I would like to go to Target/Wal-Mart and buy something amazing for a fraction of the price. What's your favorite face makeup?

*I finally watched Black Swan. And I loved it. It was dark, amazing, and made me sit and watch it without being online. It was that good. It's one of those movies where you'll love it or hate it. I? Loved it.

*Brynlie totally just laughed in her baby sleep. Holy adorableness I love her so much! She will be one month on Tuesday. Oh my word does time fly or what?

*I have an obsession lately with nail polish. Lately I've been in love with all of Essie's amazing colors--seriously, they make me want to give myself a new pedi every other day. Definitely recommend a new nail color to boost your mood! If you need suggestions let me know and I'll give you my favorite shades that I've been crushing on this summer.

*The husband bought me a Nook Color back in early May. I LOVE it. I always swore off any e-reader, but am so happy I have one! I'm trying to finish all of my paperbacks so I can buy more e-books. I'm hooked and am so happy that Leo bought me one for Mother's Day.

*Need to start working out again (besides mowing which I do once a week--and love for that matter). I have a postpartum boot camp DVD...and I'm interested in a Zumba workout that I can do from home. I wonder if Wii makes one? Or maybe I'll just be better off with a DVD? Thoughts?


Heather B. said...

I use mineral makeup by Loreal!! LOVE IT! it cost about $12 for each item like foundation, blush etc. but last about 3-4 months!! I only use the foundation and highlighter due to money constraints but I used the blush once and it was fabulous!!

Brittney said...

i have yet to find a makeup that i LOVE lol good luck let me know what you choose. I want a kindle so bad but the hubs laughs at me.. I obviously don't read that much but i would if i didnt have to haul off to the library LOL

The Royal Family said...

oh girl1

That button is so pretty!

Not the best blog to read when I'm getting my hair chopped today :( Sorry yours didn't turn out, it's always stressful getting it done and making sure it's what you watned, not easily fixed!

I love covergirl ... maybe boring but I do.

Nailpolish sounds amazing but I can't reach my toes and my fingers stay clear no bright fingers for me!

Also Bently is a name I was considering for the baby-- funny enough didn't know it was the bachelor! :(

p.s. the WII does havea ZUMBA I have wanted to try it and gotta wait for the bean to get out of the belly first, so test it out for me and let me know,

Talk soon ,

Lin said...

Sucks about your hairdresser, hopefully you'll find another good one by the time your hair needs to be cut again.

I loved Black Swan too. My husband was like 'it was good but not all that good', but he doesnt know what he's talkin' about.

I've been wanting a Nook color forever but am afraid I won't use it enough to justify the cost.

Loukia said...

I can't handle Ashley on The Bachelorette. She annoys me SO MUCH especially how insecure and annoying she is, and because she likes such an idiot like Bentley. I stopped watching last week, I can't even make it through an entire episode without falling asleep! I find The Bachelor SO MUCH MORE FUN to watch, because of the girl drama and stuff. As for make-up, I have recently started buying and loving everything Chanel - and I'm normally a MAC girl. I have favorites from both. And nail polish, I'm in love with OPI Red and Chanel's Miami Peach. Those are my summer colours! Yay for summer.
Hope you're doing well! :)

Jenny said... with you on the bachelorette...its on my dvr now and its monday's episode. Not looking forward to listening to her whine and seeing him!

Sorry about your hair...I am in that transition phase as well! Hope you find a new person.

Love the new cover girl natural stuff. So lite, feels like you are not wearing anything!

I know the wii has some amazing fitness games...anything with bob haprer from the biggest loser is going to be wonderful!

I cannot believe Brynlie is a month old...time flies by!

KELLY said...

excuse the term, but bently is a douche bag...i NEVER say that, but geeze, its a PERFECT description...
anyway...back to the point...zumba on Wii. yes, they have it. got it for christmas, yes, it was on my list....not a big fan...IF i choose to workout, i LIKE to makes me feel like i am doing something...with zumba on wii, i dont sweat...makes me so.very.sad. my 7 year old loves it though!

Daniele said...

I got a kindle for my bday and I love it too! No color, but reading books on it is just fun! I didn't think I'd ever like it as much as books, but I do.
Haven't seen black swan yet, I want to! Happy 1 month baby girl! :)

amanda said...

laughing in baby sleep? nothing better mama.