Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Pick of the Week: Chosen by Chandra Hoffman

I love finding a book so invigorating that I cannot put it down. It is while reading these types of books that the exhaustion the next day is well worth it.

Chosen by Chandra Hoffman was one of the above. This book was so intense and had me wanting, no, needing, to find out what was going to happen next. My heart would pound and I would read every chance that I got. I found myself staying up until midnight to squeeze in those next pages and chapters.

Here is a brief description as told on the book jacket:

It all begins as a fantasy...

A caseworker in her "paperwork-signing" suit alongside beaming parents cradling their adopted newborn: this is the blissful picture that keeps Chloe Pinter, director of Portland's Chosen Child domestic adoption program, happy as she juggles the demands of her boss and the incessant needs of adoptive and biological parents. 

But the dream job that offers Chloe refuge from her turbulent personal life soon becomes a nightmare involving three very different couples" the college sweethearts who, after suffering fertility problems, are now expecting their own baby' the wealthy husband and desperate wife for whom adoption is a last chance; and the couple who has nothing--except the baby everyone wants. But when a child goes missing, perceptions of family and future are challenged, posing the questions: What happens when you get what you thought you wanted? How far would you go if it wasn't what you wanted after all?

Right when I read the book jacket I knew in my heart that I had to read this book. As a mother who has struggled with unexplained infertility, as a sister to four adopted siblings, I knew that this book would be a great read.

The characters were so believable--it was as if I actually knew them. Once I started to get deeper into this book I saw that some of the characters were not who they seemed to be on the outside. I could relate to a few of the characters, but I think that the characters whom I could not relate to are what kept me captivated the most.

I could not imagine having to make a sacrifice so large such as putting my child up for adoption. Chandra Hoffman made me feel as if I were the mom who was placing my child with their forever family. The ache in their hearts--you truly get to see a point of view that many of us do not get to witness every day.

When I got to the portion of the book where the child goes missing, I felt sick to my stomach. Once the parent of the missing child realized that the child has disappeared, I once again felt like I was this character. The panic. The heart racing. The collapsing onto the ground--it was written in such a believable manner and had me feeling as if I had to hug my daughters that much closer.

All in all? I loved this book. Chandra Hoffman's writing skills are phenomenal. The characters did not seem to be stereotyped as they sometimes do in books that have well defined characters who play a certain role. It was as if I knew all of the characters in my own life.

I highly recommend this book to all of my blog readers and friends. I cannot tell you how many times that I told my Mom that she must read this book. I raved about it so much and she is now going to read it. I loved Chosen and hope that once you read it, you will understand when I say that I could not put this gripping read down.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm so happy you enjoyed the book :)

My Mercurial Nature said...

Wow, it sounds great! I may have to pick that one up!

Venassa said...

It sounds really good! I added it to my list.