Sunday, December 11, 2011

Super Cute Grandparent Gift Idea {I Made This!}

While browsing the most addicting site known to man, aka Pinterest, I ran across a cute idea--but then I made my own spin and did my own thing with it.

What I loved about this craft was that my girls could be a part of it and actually help create an adorable gift idea for their grandparents. So much of Christmas can be purchased at the store and I wanted something special and unique from the girls to their grandparents.

Here are their fingerprint snowman ornaments:

Cute, right? Here are the supplies that you'll need:

*Wood shape of choice. These can be found at any craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc)

*Child safe paint. We used washable paints because my girls are a little paint happy.

*Paint pen

*Ribbon (I used scrapbook ribbon)


*Mod Podge

*Hot glue gun

After you have all of your supplies, give your child(ren) a paint brush and a little of the paint. Have them paint the wood shape in color of choice.

Once the ornament shape is dry you then pour out some white paint onto a plate. Spread it out some and place child's finger into paint.

Press the finger down firmly enough onto the ornament to make the snowman's body.

Repeat for however many little ones that you have. Since I have three girls we have three snowmen.

Once the snowmen are dry, write the year on top of the ornament. I chose a silver paint pen but any color will do.

Using the sharpie draw on your snowman eyes, mouth and arms.

Once you have the snowmen complete, Mod Podge the ornament. I did this just as a sealant for the ornament.

After Mod Podge is dry cut your ribbon to the desired length. Fold into a loop and hot glue onto back.

And...that's it! Super easy, super cute and my girls are so proud that they helped make their grandparents' gift.


blueviolet said...

That is just the cutest thing!

Lauranie said...

You're being so crafty...LOVE it! :) Pinterest is SUPER addicting...I've been on way too much myself!! Are you checking out SMS giveaway day? Lots of goodies to win, but I'm not participating this year :( TOO BUSY!! Have a great Christmas!! xo

amanda said...

adorable!! i saw something similar to this just haven't decided if i am brave enough to tackle it :)