Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Did Facebook Turn My Friends Into Whiny Toddlers?

Over the past week or two or three I have come to a big conclusion. I have some of the whiniest "friends" in the world.

I use the term "friend" loosely here, mind you. Most of the people I am friends with in real life kick ass. Then I have some acquaintances who seem really cool and fun in real life. But online?


I think a lot of them opened Facebook accounts to be able to just bitch about life in general.

"I have no friends. My life sucks. But family will be by my side and that's all that counts."


"My husband has been out all night and hasn't answered his phone. He's a jerk and my life sucks!!"


"My life is horrible. I hate it here. Nobody cares about me. Why can't I make any friends?"


"After today I am deleting my Facebook FOREVER."

While the above aren't word for word statuses, they're pretty much statuses in a nutshell. Here's some food for thought: have you ever thought that maybe you don't have any close friends because you consistently complain? Or when you complain you have nobody in your life, have you considered all of the times people have offered to help with whatever you need, yet you turn them down and never accept anything?

And don't get me started on the grown up version of running away from home aka I'm deleting my Facebook account, but not actually because I just want to see how many people beg and plead for me not to.

We all have bad days. On occasion. It's when every day--or in certain circumstances, every few hours--turns into a majorly depressing status.

This is when I wonder what has social media done to so many adults? Has it allowed us to whine and complain more because it's online? And online we don't have to listen to people. We simply can delete a mean comment. Or block a person if they start calling people out on their crap.

Starting today I challenge you all to become less negative and more positive. Having a bad day? Cool. Tomorrow it will be a new day. Start over. Refresh. Regroup. You would be amazed at what can happen with a more positive attitude.

So this is for you Negative Nelly. Stop whining. Stop complaining. We are all going through some obstacle in life, but for many of us we choose to look at life in a somewhat more positive way.


Jenny said...

Totally agree. I have a couple of those friends and I just want to give them a little shake. The only thing I like sharing is positive thoughts with the occasional sick kid thrown in there. But you are right, there are some adult toddlers out there!

Brittney said...

amen! I did delete my facebook account not to long ago but i didnt announce it before i did it ... i came right back haha it's funny that people are annoying but I still felt the need to see what all was going on lol

amanda said...

you know i don't do facebook. so i am just going to say amen. and preach it sister!!

Babes Mami said...

Could not agree more! After x amount of whiny/ridiculous updates they either get deleted or I hide them from my feed haha