Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's Ready For Summer?

Up until yesterday our weather on the Gulf Coast our weather has been warm. I thought of it as being almost summer time. Warm temperatures, plenty of bright sunshine--I was in heaven. I live for warm weather and nothing picks up my spirit more than enjoying the outdoors with my girls.

Then yesterday happened. I woke up and it was so cold outside! Where are my warm temperatures? Where is my warm summer breeze?! I am not a huge fan of the cold--especially after being spoiled by a warm winter. Whose idea of a cruel joke is this? Mother Nature, I blame you. I want my warm mornings back.

I did indulge myself in having a tropical treat, though. I like to tell myself to envision myself on a warm beach somewhere, drinking a fruity drink with one of those little striped umbrellas, falling asleep while reading under the sun. Do you do that? Convince yourself that warmer days are to come and imagine that you are in the most tropical place that you can be--it honestly works for me.

Back to my tropical yumminess, though. Have you tried the Yoplait Greek Yogurt? I opened up a Cherry Pomegranate one yesterday and it took me back to the warm summer months. It was really, really good--and the flavor made me think of summer.


Yoplait's Greek Yogurt is so smooth and creamy. There isn't any gritty texture that some of the Greek yogurts have. The fruit balanced out the rich yogurt and I loved it. It truly was the perfect snack to have on a cool, spring day. With a variety of flavors to include Blueberry, Strawberry, Coconut, Cherry Pomegranate--they pack twice the protein of a regular yogurt and have 110 calories per 4 oz cup.

Bottom Line

I loved the Yoplait Greek Yogurt. With only 110 calories and the smooth taste? I can justify indulging in one this spring and summer. If you love Greek yogurt, try out the Yoplait Greek Yogurt. I think you will love it just as much as I do.

I received the above product to sample in order to facilitate this review. No other products or compensation was given. All opinions expressed above are my own.


Jenny said...

Love this yogurt!

Agoni Bara said...

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