Monday, April 16, 2012

Frugal Fail | The Clorox Lounge


By a show of hands (what? I can totally see you raise it...) who has tried to save some money at some time in their life? Are you always finding fun and creative ways to be frugal or are you one of those people who want to be frugal, but either forget or just run out of time in coming up with money saving ideas?

I am one of the latter. I want more than anything to be frugal, but sometimes just don't know when I would have the time or patience to sit down and do the work. Sad, I know. But the thought of frugality is always looming in my mind. After all, I do have three children, a husband, a dog and a cat to take care of in my home.

In one attempt to be a frugal mom I decided that we would try out an off brand diaper. I am usually a hard core name brand diaper momma, but when I was in the store and looking at the price under a box of my favorite and a box of the off brand? My jaw dropped. Holy smokes! I would be saving SO much money by just doing a little diaper switcheroo.

I arrived back at home with a couple of the off brand diapers. I was so excited to tell Leo that I had saved us so much money. He praised my frugal find and we decided to have the girls try out their new diapers overnight. We awoke the next morning and both girls were sobbing. I had a bad feeling about this...

I go into their rooms and find to potty soaked girls. Their beds, pajamas, favorite blankies...holy cow. This? Was a disaster. It was right then at that moment that I realized I was simply a frugal wannabe. My entire dream of saving tons of money backfired completely in my face!

The Clorox Lounge

By now you are probably wondering why I have The Clorox Lounge on top of this post. Clorox has come up with a fun and new site celebrating on of the most underrated rooms in our homes--our bathroom! They have teamed up with Sherri Shepperd to turn our bathrooms into a laughroom. It is designed to be a place where moms can go for comedy, fun contests, coupons, giveaways and more! At Clorox they sympathize that sometimes the bathroom is the only place where a mom can go for a moment of silence.

Last Comic Sitting

The Clorox Lounge is giving you a chance at a $10,000 prize sweepstakes. Pretty sweet, right? To be eligible to win simply sign up at The Clorox Lounge and you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes. You also can vote for your favorite Last Comic Sitting finalist where one of them will win $10,000! So what are you waiting for? Go, sign up and maybe you will be they lucky $10,000 winner.

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