Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eleven. Ish.

So. Here we are. Elevenish months old.

In 19 days baby girl will be a one. year. old.

It is a surreal feeling knowing that in a blink of an eye my sweet girl will hit that first huge milestone.

She is amazing. Lovable. Sweet. Hysterical.

She has three teeth. One on top, two on bottom. It is sort of hillbilly-ish. But I love it.

She loves to eat. Anything and everything. And, yes, that still involves cat/dog food when she can find it.

No walking, just a bunch of standing.

She has started to throw mini tantrums. They are adorable and over the top.

She is still 100% a momma's girl. Oh, how she loves her momma.

She loves to dance, loves to swing, loves babies.

Loves the outdoors--especially potted plants, dirt, sand. So fun!

I hope the next 19 days slow down. I don't think I am ready to call her my big one year old...


Jenny said...

Happy elevenish months to your sweet baby girl!

amanda said...

this is just not possible. seriously?

pause button!!

happy elevenish months sweet girl!!