Thursday, June 17, 2010

No, I don't think she will pee in a cup.

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Our oldest has been a very healthy girl.  At 3.5 years old, I think she's had two ear infections, and really nothing else except a cold here or there.   We've been lucky.

Sunday morning, we had one of those rare instances.  Her temperature was 103.9F.  And, it took dosing of ibuprofen and acetaminophen back to back to drop her fever.  This kept up for two days.  Other than the fever she was fine.  No other symptoms or irritations.

(As a side note, no you cannot expect a three year old to tell you what hurts.  If you ask them if something hurts, they will say "yes."  Case in point, after going through a couple things like head, tummy, and bottom and her saying "yes" to them hurting, I asked if her hair hurt.  Guess what, that hurt, too.)

After her going back and forth with the fever and no fever, I finally took her in to the doctor Wednesday. 

They did the usual checks…ears were clear, throat was clear (but they still checked for strep), abdomen was clear, lungs were clear.  Everything looked good.

But just to be extra sure, they wanted to rule out a bladder infection.image

That didn't really hit me until they walked into the room with a little cup.  I wish they had a camera that would have captured the look on my face when the nurse handed it to me.

"Um.  Errr.  Uhhh.  What do you want her to do with that?"

"Well, she's potty trained, right?"

"Yes, but she's three.  She doesn't pee on command.  You want me to hold that under her while she goes?  No thank you.  I can't even pee in a cup without having to wash my hands!  You want me to stick my hands under her and try to catch her pee?"

"Well, I don't know.  Let me look and see if we have anything else."

And, she left me in the bathroom, with a 3.5 year old, a 20 month old, and a pee cup.

And, we waited.

And, we waited.

And, finally, she came back with a little hat that went under the seat and caught her pee. 

And, all I had to do was encourage her to go!

That was a close one.  Way too close for comfort.

But, it has me wondering.  Is that something you practice at home?  Should I request some practice cups next time we are at the doctor, or is it just learned by necessity?


Heather said...

Emma is 3 1/2 and pees in a cup. We had to learn this because she tends to hold it until she's ready to burst. On car trips, sometimes you just can't get to a bathroom... so she's had to pee in a cup :O). Glad they found you a "hat" for the toilet!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Honestly, it's easier than it sounds. my daughter had chronic bladder infections due to some other medical problems and the first time we had her in the ER she was about 19 months old and just potty trained herself. They wanted me to have her pee in a cup and I refused cause I didn't think it was possible. They had to give her a catheter and after that I vowed to NEVER ever let that happen again because it was awful to see them give my baby a catheter. She's had many more bladder infections and every time she peed in a cup and it went perfectly fine. Not fun, but it works. :)

Kmama said...

LOL! I think it's more likely learned by necessity. I remember peeing in a cup for the first time when I was young.

A trick...hold the cup against the body. Less likely to have spills. It works well!

Anonymous said...

hehehhe atleast you didnt have to put your hand down there! We totally practice at our house ;-)

Angie said...

Guess I should be glad I have boys huh? LOL

blueviolet said...

The first time I did that (as an adult) I missed the cup. Clearly I was still a virgin, lol!

Heather said...

No fair! I would have loved the hat while my daughter was experiencing chronic UTI.

Seriously though...I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

That is so funny! The last time I took Carter to the doctor he had to pee in a cup. I freaked until we made in into the bathroom and then I realized it wouldn't be that bad since he was a boy.

Smart girl for asking for something else - I would have never even thought of asking.