Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aquafresh: Mom Works Beyond Contest

It's no secret that us moms have many different titles to our name. Whether you are a stay at home mom, work at home mom, work away from home to everything in between we are workers and we work hard.

There are times in our mom roles that we will work beyond being a mom. For me it's easy to see how I, as a mom, work beyond this. Being a military spouse I am constantly juggling schedules, appointments, well baby check-ups, being the only parent while Leo is TDY {Temporary Duty--which is always out of town for him} and being a single parent while he is deployed fighting a war overseas. There are also times when he gets called into work during "off" duty time--and I say "off" duty time because when you are in the US military you are at work 24/7 and 365. So that means that I am also the one working and taking care of my family and home.

I love being a military spouse more than anything. I believe that it builds good character in myself and my two daughters. We know what it's like to have a parent fighting a war. We know what it's like having mom be both mom & dad while dad is away {hello...I have been doing lawn mowing and landscaping...and I LIKE it, haha!}. We know that without our support my husband wouldn't be able to perform at a high performance level. My mom duty has definitely now shaped into the backbone of my family role.

I have had the opportunity to partner up with Aquafresh--and they want me to find out from you--my readers--how Mom {you!} Works Beyond. Aquafresh is committed to lending moms a hand by supplying them with products, such as the amazing iso-active Whitening toothpaste, that achieves 33% better whitening compared to a non-whitening toothpaste. Now it’s your turn to share what makes you work beyond as Aquafresh wants to hear about these moments and celebrate you as mom through their Mom Goes Beyond campaign.

Simply leave a comment below telling me an inspiring or moving event that has occurred to you being a mom. On June 9th I will randomly pick one comment to be entered towards the grand prize--a year's worth of FREE Aquafresh products and a $500 Wal-Mart gift card! Your story will also be showcased on the Aquafresh Facebook page! The Aquafresh creative team will have the winner picked by July 7th.

Get to thinking--and leave me a comment. I cannot wait to read your inspiring stories and get to pick a winner who will go ahead to compete with the other nominees! Good luck to you all!

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I received no compensation for writing this post. I will receive Aquafresh products from M80 for my participation. All above opinions are honest and my own.


Jenny said... definitely wear a lot of hats!
My story is a little similar to yours...sometimes I do find myself being that "single" parent.
Lew works at least 60-70 hours a week, we barely get to see him somedays. So Will relies a lot on mommy which can be stressful. I usually train at least 15 hours a weeka and somedays, Lew is not able to watch him so I have to bring him with me. Luckily I have clients that let me do that or else I would not be getting my work in.
It is definitely lonely sometimes w/o that adult interaction but I would not change it for the world. I love being able to be with Will all the time and I know that one day he will appreciate it!

Mami2jcn said...

I have 3 children and I've never had anyone take care of them (other than their daddy) a day in their lives. Our families live out of state so we've never had any outside help. I pride myself on having been able to raise them and guide them on our own.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Tamara B. said...

I have been a stay at home mother for 15 years. Married to a military man and have moved three times over 15 years. I never had any family to help me all of the times he was deployed and never had any babysitters. Basically I have been around my children 24/7 and only time I was away from them was when I was in the hospital giving birth to the other child. My most memorable moment was when my last two walked into the school for kindergarten. It was bitter sweet and heart wretching at the same time. Holding each other’s hand is a memory I will never forget.

Shawna said...

As a mom, I’ve certainly had my challenges to face and overcome. However, it is those challenges that have shaped my life, made me a better person and inspired me to do more than I ever thought I could. My husband has a chronic disease that affects his day to day abilities to work and function, so it leaves a lot more responsibility on me to provide financially for our family as well as be a mom to two young boys ages 7 and 3. My youngest was born with a rare brain disorder and so he has a lot of medical and therapy appointments and various services and supports that need to be arranged, so that also keeps me very busy and presents challenges in trying to balance work and my child's needs . I am fortunate in that I have worked in the Social Services field for many years and have a lot of experience specifically working with people with developmental disabilities. This experience has benefited my son in terms of me understanding how the medical system works and the other agencies and organizations that provide some services for my son. This means that I've been able to be a very effective and strong advocate for my son which I will never stop doing this for him. He has given me such a strong sense of what kind of life and opportunities people with developmental disabilities should have. My son will most likely never be able to live on his own and will always need to be cared for. A lot of people I’ve known with a loved one with Developmental Disabilities that need 24/7 care, see this as a guilt laden burden on them. Many choose to place their loved one in a care home. My intention here is not to be critical, but to state the facts as I’ve experienced. I’ve never felt that my son was a burden. In fact, I feel that he is a blessing. When he was first Diagnosed, the doctors told me he would never hold his head up, sit up, crawl, walk, grasp objects and that he would be on a feeding tube and die young. Well, fortunately for my son, he has proven those doctors wrong. My son can now do all of those things and he eats and drinks fine and is very healthy. Instead of thinking about what my son cannot do or the care that he requires, I see him as a beautiful and happy boy who has worked hard and overcome many challenges and defied the expectations that others put on him. I am proud to be his mother and he will live with me till the day I die. As his mother, he has truly inspired me to be a better person and stronger person.

Anonymous said...

For many years, I have/do struggle with major depression and bipolar. I made a vow to myself a long time ago, that I would try/be the best mom I could be. Well, I am glad to say my kids have grown up into responsible, caring adults/teenager

A Mom's Take said...

As a single young women I discovered I was pregnant. I was shocked and scared and not sure what to do! I quickly learned that the best thing for this unborn child would be to be placed for adoption and I found THE most wonderful family in the world to raise him! The adoption has been very open and I see him on occasion. It is amazing to me to have been a mother for the 2 days I spent with him in the hospital and my time carrying him for all I was able to learn and grow from him. I will be forever grateful for that life changing experience and that beautiful little boy who changed my life!! I am now happily married and with 2 little boys of my own and pregnant with number 3. I love my boys and my life very much but I’ll be forever grateful for that first special child that made such a difference to who I am today!

janel_marie at yahoo dot com