Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The One Where I Had to Wear a Football Helmet. While in Summer School.

To say I wasn't athletic growing up is the understatement of my life. Looking back I realize now that it wasn't because of lack of skill--it was due to lack of care. I couldn't care less about running. And push ups. And anything else that made me sweat.

Then came the year my parents made us take summer school...it wasn't because we were failing, but more of a way to keep us out of my Mom's hair while she worked from home AND I'm sure the big reason was to keep us out of trouble.

We moved to the smallest town ever when I was in 8th grade. Wrong thing to do to a 13 year old girl who was hormonal and would have done anything to be liked in said new town.

Started hanging out with the wrong kids and BAM! We get hit with summer school.

What a punishment. The upside to going to school during the summer was that we got to know our teachers on a more personal level. We could actually talk to them--they really listened. I loved that part.

The part that I didn't care for? Gym. Dear Lord. NOT gym!!

That leads me to my post. About a football helmet. And summer school. We were told to bring our bikes the next day for a casual ride.

We didn't have helmets {hey, back then we could also walk anywhere, we didn't have cell phones and climbed trees. You know--it was dangerous times back then...}. My teacher let us know not to worry--helmets would be provided.

Already not thrilled with said bike ride, we arrived the next day with our bikes. And got greeted with football helmets. I placed it on my head and nearly threw up from the smell of sweat. The thing was way too big for my head {oh--my sister and cousin were there, too! And I seriously wish you could see me laughing hysterically right now!! Bwahaha!} and kept falling down, blinding me.

We set off on our bike ride. Trying not to hit anyone in the group I remember a girl getting too far over to the side of the road and getting hit in the face with branches. OhmyGod--that was SO funny and I can't believe I remember that!

Anyway, we start going on back roads--you know the roads off the interstate {feeder roads}? Except I couldn't make it up any of the hills. So now not only was I laughing so hard because I could only imagine what the drivers on the interstate {I-44 to be exact...} were thinking when they saw a herd of students, on bikes, and a majority in football helmets....but I couldn't make it up any hills.

My teacher goes back and has me changing gears, etc. Nada. He then looks at my tires. Both flat.

Just imagine this--a 13 year old on a bike...wearing a HUGE football helmet and riding a bike. With two. flat. tires.

That was the longest day of my life...and probably one of the funniest. My sister and I still crack up and die laughing when we talk about the herd of teenagers--right next to I-44--and 98% of them riding bikes while wearing football helmets. Freaking hysterical!!


Jewls said...

Hilarious!! Next time I want to cuss out a biker who is acting like a car I am just going to imagine them with two flat tires sporting a stinky f-ball helmet, lol!!

casey aubut said...

Ok- I just almost spit my wine all over the screen. I can imagine driving along and seeing a herd of tweens biking with football helmets. I bet someone out there that was driving by has pictures!! I so would have taken a picture of that to show when I was telling people about it! hahah! CAn you imagine teachers in this day and age taking kids biking on the interstate.....um...not so much! Awesome!

Kel said...

That is hilarious! How ridiculous of the teacher to put football helmets on you. How could making it harder for you to see and breathe be helpful or safe? And on the interstate???

Mellisa Rock said...

That is funny!! Sorry my laugh is a little at your expense! But that really sucks and is really funny!

Anonymous said...

LOL ooohhh my word that is a RIOT!!!!

amanda said...

that is just flat out awesome.

blueviolet said...

If that had happened now, it would have been all over youtube!

Hattie said...

Baaaaahahaha!!! I can so picture you in your helmet!!!

Leiah said...

I would write something really witty or funny but I can't see through the tears. I'm am home by myself and laughing out loud. Very loud. That is HIGHlarious!

I don't remember - are you originally from TX because you know, we're the only ones who call them feeder roads. That Man, who is from Louisiana, laughs at me all the time and says I live in LA now, I'm not allowed to call them that. LOL!

Loukia said...

OMG. What a story! And yes, extremely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, if anyone was embarrassed, it would be everyone, since they all had to do the same thing! I could just imagine that too!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Hilarious! I don't know what to say besides that was just hilarious! The funniest things happen to you!