Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Infantino Fold & Go Bouncer and Twist & Fold Gym

The two awesome products that I'm going to go over today are the Infantino Fold & Go Bouncer and the Twist & Fold Gym. These two items are fantastic--and great for traveling. Whether you are heading over to a grandparent's home, a babysitter's place to get a date night or traveling out of town these are two things that fold up easily and flatten out really well. You won't have to sacrifice any room in the trunk to tote these two along.

First up is the Infantino Fold & Go Bouncer. I put this all together by myself which means that it's not hard to do--at all! I had it put together within 10-15 minutes. I put Madelyn in it {although she is almost at the cut off weight of 25 lbs!} and she had a blast. She is probably a little too old for it, but I am sure if she was a little younger she would have loved it even more. I love how the bendable bar isn't hard--you can move it up and down which is pretty cool. A lot of bouncers have one spot for the bar and it isn't stationary. With this being movable it made it a piece of cake to load her in.

Folding it up is beyond easy! You slide the lever and push in the button. Fold it up and you're done. I love it! This would have been an ideal product for us when we were traveling over the holidays last year--and I recommend this to any mom or dad out there that does a lot {or any} traveling with their infant.

Next up is the Infantino Twist & Fold Gym. I love this gym for the simple fact that it's the easiest thing ever to set up and put away. With the Twist & Fold Gym I can fold it up and keep it stored away until Madelyn wants to play with it. It isn't just sitting there being in the way 24/7 which is a HUGE bonus in my book.

There is a mirror, different musical attachments, rattles and toys that you attach where you would like them. The colors are bright and fun which really engaged Madelyn while she played with the toys. She loved it!

I loved the toys this month--and I know in the future if a friend or sister gets pregnant that these toys will be a huge hit and a great buy for the baby. We love Infantino!

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.


blueviolet said...

I love how beautiful and colorful their designs are!

Mellisa Rock said...

Now she looks like she is having a good time!