Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Months (a few weeks late...ahem.)

Happy 7 months, Brynlie! I'm a few days weeks late, but it is only because you have kept me so incredibly busy these past few weeks. Want to see what you have been up to?

~You are my super speedy crawler. You'll be by my side the next thing I know I am running out calling your name trying to find where you have gone. This has made closing doors to bedrooms a must.

~You love getting into the cat and dog bowls. I need baby proof bowls...

~Your nickname is "Trouble". Not in a mean way by any means, but in the way that you are so mischievous and adorable that you are nothing but sweet baby trouble.

~No teeth yet--however, you are teething. That has been fun.

~Still my nursing champ. I tell Daddy that is why you love me so much and cry for me. You just have to have your milk supply close.

~Standing up and even cruising a little bit. Really? Why are you so determined to be an early walker? I can wait for a few more months--I love having a sweet baby in the house. No more milestones for awhile, okay?

~And you can clap. Holy adorableness. It is seriously sweet.

Those are your 7 month milestones sweet girl! I love you so much--and you are such a wonderful baby. I am truly blessed to have you in my life!


Anti-Supermom said...

Our third seems to be one that loves a good adventure too, lol.

She is beautiful~

My Mercurial Nature said...

She is a little beauty! Congrats on going strong with the nursing...I was so happy to be able to nurse my littlest!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Such a sweetheart..and doing so much! And, her goodness. They are always so sparkly!

amanda said...

honey that picture is stunning. truly.

happy seven months sweet girl :)