Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Personal Beauty Resolutions

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With a new year comes new resolutions. I always hear people talk about the weight they are determined to lose or that this year will be the year to kick the tobacco habit once and for all. But one resolution that I don't hear about as much would be in terms of beauty. 

After thinking about my beauty routine (or lack thereof in some areas) I have vowed to do more for my body on the beauty side of things. 

First, I need to wash my face more. I know, I know. I am in my early 30's and I still don't have a nightly regimen down for cleaning my face. I do wash my face with warm water...but I am thinking I need to add a cleanser to my lacking routine. My skin is sensitive so I have to be super careful to what I place on my skin. My top pick for cleaning my face? The Neutrogena Liquid Facial Cleanser (Fragrance Free). 

My second beauty resolution is to take better care of my nails. Before I had my daughters I was always getting a mani. But now that I am a mom? Not so much. My favorite polish brand is Essie. I love their entire line. I've been eyeing the Essie Disappearing Trick Conditioning Cuticle Remover for some time now. I think I will add this to my list of beauty resolutions for 2012.

My final beauty resolution for the year is to always, always, always wear sunscreen on my face. I'm good at remembering it on my arms, legs, feet. I need to remember that my face needs protection from the sun and its harmful rays, too. The easiest way for me to remember to do this is to use a moisturizer with an added SPF included. I moisturize my face daily so it would be a two-for-one. I want to try out the Cetaphil Daily Face Moisturizer w/Sunscreen SPF 50. It looks to be something that will moisturize and not irritate my skin.

Do you have any beauty resolutions for the new year? I would love to hear what you plan on doing for yourself in 2012!


amanda said...

i have that cetaphil stuff and i love it. i don't use it as often as i should - but i still love it when i do!

my beauty routine/goal is to brush and floss more! how sad is that?!?!

here's to us friend!!

Alexis Sparks said...

How do you become a beauty blogger? I tend to have a different approach to things as I have a degree in Biology and do not fall for hype, just common sense, and knowledge. Although as a scientist, I know that the only way to back up any claims is to test products that look like they make sense and have repeatable results.

I enjoyed your blog and would love to hear a response.

Thank You.