Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Not So Miraculous Hair Oil...

I am a self admitted hair junkie. I love finding amazing products to keep my hair in perfect condition. I love getting my hair done by my new hair girl who is a miracle worker in all ways possible.

Imagine my surprise when the cool weather hit and my hair turned into a disgustingly dry mess. It was awful. I resorted to throwing my not so lovely locks into a quick ponytail and went on with my life.

Until the day I was doing some Google research browsing and stumbled upon using olive oil in your hair. Genius! We had plenty of olive oil and I announced to Leo that I was going to take a shower.

I went into the kitchen and got a measuring cup. I filled it up part way with water and then added the olive oil. I popped the concoction into the microwave and once it was done getting warm I took it into the shower.

I had tested the mixture with a dip of my finger-not too hot. Perfect. My hair was about to be awesome.

I wet my hair and decided to test the oil one more time to ensure that is was not too hot. I dipped in three of my fingers to stir it up. 


That is what came out of my mouth screaming. I had just managed to scald three fingers. I should have taken that as a sign to just stop, but no, I ignored this warning. 

Once I recovered and deemed my oil miracle safe, I used my one good hand and I very carefully drenched my hair with my oil miracle. As doing so I kept picturing perfectly soft hair. I envisioned strangers coming up to me to ask me what my secret was, and I would tell them with a whisper it's olive oil...

Snapping back to reality I rinsed out my hair. Huh. It wasn't rinsing out as well as I thought that it would. 

I did another rinse.

And another. 

My hair felt like a water repellent. I quickly dumped some shampoo on my head and scrubbed it. Crap. This was so not going as planned.

After drying off I went into the living room filled with shame and embarrassment. I had one hand that wasn't functional. And even worse I looked like a duck that had been rescued from an oil spill. 

Leo thought that this was hilarious. I told him once I blow dried it that my hair would be stunning.

I went and dried my hair. I looked into the mirror with sadness. My hair was not beautiful. It was sure as hell wasn't soft. It looked that I hadn't washed my hair in months. 

I learned something very valuable with this hair fail: never stick my hand in a water/oil microwaved mixture. 



My Mercurial Nature said...

I will learn from your mistake, as I was considering trying this mayo, olive oil combo I read about. Sure, they say you smell like potato salad for awhile...but your hair is BEAUTIFUL. Maybe not so much, huh?

Shell said...

Oh, girl! lol I can't imagine!

Anti-Supermom said...

So, have you tried V05? I think it's along the same line, but maybe less, umm... oily :)

Funny, sad for you, but funny!

Anonymous said...

oohh shoot I was hoping you were going to say something like but the next day it looked awesome or something like that! Mine was the biggest rats nest today.. it took FOREVER to brush out!! oh curly hair sometimes I hate you!

amanda said...

oh wow honey. i am so sorry. so sorry.

i think you need a starbucks in the morning to make up for the hair disaster :)

Jewls said...

I would feel bad laughing except I totally had an experience like this except with vinegar...

never listen to your grandma when she tries to give you hair tips. It took three days to get rid of the smell!!

Lin said...

Oh, no...that sucks so bad! This is exactly why I wont try that mayonnaise in your hair thing. I dont care how glossy it makes my hair look, there's no way I'm putting that in my hair, haha.

kristi said...

I will gladly admit I buy products from the "black girl" hair is nappy!