Thursday, January 19, 2012

Counting Calories Really Does Work. Huh, Who Knew?

When I was in the Air Force I taught nutrition. Counting calories. Good foods. Bad foods.

You get the picture.

After I rang in the new year I knew that something had to give. I've started and stopped multiple fitness routines. It's hard to find some sort of workout with three little ones at home, one who never naps and the other two rarely nap at the same time. We don't have an elliptical/treadmill/etc so those are out.

The husband leaves for work at 6:15 in the morning and typically doesn't arrive home until 6:00 or even later.

I've tried the workout videos. I stuck with them for awhile, but I had my teenage stepdaughter here at the time who would watch the girls for that small window of time (which, by the way, she was an AMAZING help!).

Nothing worked out for me. Every time I "failed" at some sort of fitness routine I would eat even more. Baking is my weakness--and let me tell you I love nothing more than a warm chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven. They are therapeutic and make me feel good. Until I have to weigh myself and see the number steadily rising instead of lowering.

I woke up one day and started utilizing my food diary app on my phone (MyFitnessPal). I decided that it was time to accept that I need to lose weight.

I have been on a strict calorie routine for two weeks now. In that two weeks? I've lost 7 pounds.

7. freaking. pounds.

Amazingness, really. I cut out a ton of crap from my diet. I no longer eat cookie after cookie.

I smile now when I weigh myself. Granted my numbers aren't where I would love them to be, but they are getting there. I'm eating in a way that adapts to my lifestyle--not some fad diet that is a temporary fix.

And the biggest shock? Seeing what equals out to my allowed number of calories. I truly have to wonder how many damn calories a day was I eating?! It's insane. I told Leo I want to go for a day in my old ways to count how many a day I had been consuming...

I'm not going to lie, the first few days were excruciating for me. I thought I was going to die without some form of refined sugar hitting my lips. It was as if I was having sugar withdrawals (which I'm sure I was...). If there is a cookie and we are out I will allow myself one and it gets recorded on my app. I am holding myself accountable for what enters my mouth.

Are you trying to eat healthier or lose weight? What's your weight loss goal?

*We are hoping to pay off another credit card and then save for an elliptical. Until then I'm just walking the 3.4 miles on our local bridge on Leo's weekends off.

**I am still eating an adequate amount of calories in order to breastfeed. 


kristi said...

Yes I want to lose 30 more. But it's a struggle. I try to snack on fresh fruits when I crave stuff but it doesn't always help.

amanda said...

honey i am so proud of you!! seven pounds? that is crazy awesome!! i might have to look into this app! i can't even imagine the calories that i just drank down at starbucks...

Anonymous said...

I started using my fitness pal last week and down a pound. Can't wait to see those pounds go down.

My Mercurial Nature said...

7lbs! You are so amazing! I've been working on getting back in shape enough to resume my's a long road, but I'm down a few lbs, too (which feels AWESOME).

Elaine A. said...

I need to start counting calories. Or at least stop putting those cookies in my mouth! ;) I've gained a few lbs. back and even though I'm running it's hard not to want to eat bad for us but tasty food!

Congrats to you on your loss, keep it up girl! :)

Lin said...

Go you! I have this app on my phone but haven't used it yet (I'm lazy) but seeing as this counting thing really does work, I think I'll try it :)

Keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

Good for you! I have a content battle with my weight. I am not overweight by any means, but at the present moment I want to lose about 5-7 pounds. I am a stress eater. Overeating (vast quantities of food) is my terrible coping mechanism. Anywho- I use LoseIt! (and app for my iPhone) to track my calories. I end up eating about 1200 calories a day. I also get up at 5:30am every morning and walk on my treadmill for about 42 minutes before the kids gets up. This routine would work perfectly if it wasn't for the overeating - when I overeat I inevitably gain a few pounds and encounter a MAJOR setback to my goal. It's not a healthy process. Needless to say, I am working on eating well and not overeating. Hopefully I will overcome my overeating soon. I sure do hope so.

Melissa said...

Oh and good luck with the contieight weight loss and lifestyle change!!!

Mellisa Rock said...

Great Job. Counting calories and exercise really do's the motivation that I struggle with. Oh that and the fact that I work in a Mexican Restaurant with a steady supply of chips and guacamole.

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