Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Little Dictator

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Dear Isabella,
The other nite after you had gone to sleep I began to read my Parents' magazine.
The one that I had received, oh, a month ago. And hadn't had the time or chance to read.
As I was reading the part on one year olds I started giggling.
There was a sentence talking about at this stage in our toddler's life they think that they are, in
fact, a dictator.
The world? Revolves around them.
Mommy and Daddy? Work for them.
They tell us when they are hungry.
They let us know they are ready for a nap.
As I read this out loud to Leo he was laughing so hard.
We had never thought about it as you are the dictator of our home.
But then we started thinking....
You are a little dictator. And we love it!
At times it makes us laugh, at times it pushes us to the edge.
But you're our little dictator. Who isn't afraid to let others know how she feels.
Who doesn't hold grudges.
Who forgives us if we do anything wrong.
I love this stage of your life.
The ups, the downs, the everything in between. You have taught me (and Daddy) a lot in the past 13 months.
So, my little dictator, we love you. I love you when you growl.
I love you when you whine and complain and wake up way too early for anyone's good.
I love you when we go on a walk and everything you see is "petty".
I love how when you go outside you still try to eat acorns, but you also come and give Momma some.
I love how you think my cell phone is in fact your own. And you call people. And I have to apologize to my entire phonebook for the random phonecalls.
You can continue this dictatorship because I know all too soon you will begin to put pieces of your life puzzle together.
You will realize that the world does not revolve around just one person (although in my eyes? My world will always revolve around you)>
We love you, honey.
Just the way you are.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

aw this is a nice post :)

Krystyn said...

I'm pretty sure that the little dictator continues until about 18!

But, that sure was sweet!

Jennifer said...

I love that magazine! My little dictator is tell me what to do as I type:0
Sweet post

Patrice said...

aww!! cute post!! I love the little tid-bits at the bottom, too cute! Good luck with your little dictator! Hehe

Big Boy, Baby Girl, and a Precious Pug said...

Very sweet!

The White House said...

Sweet post! I feel like I have three dictators fighting for power in our house- so I am not quite sure they outgrow it that fast.

Shannon said...

That is so cute and so special!!! Kids that age LOVE cell phones so much - my second little boy called 911 one time - no idea how he actually managed it but he did!

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet!!

and so true :) the babies rule the roost!

Jill and Rick said...

LOL so true!!

Love you all!

great gma said...

What a neat post. You need to be sure and save the special ones for Isabella when she gets much older. She will really appreciate them. So will you.
love, great gma and gpa

Susan said...

It is so funny how at just 12 months old they can have such demands and control.

Clare said...

she is such a cute little dictator though! i love that she calls people on your cell, bradley does that and it is too funny:)

amanda said...

i swear our little dictators are long lost sisters :)

i can't wait for the day when they finally get to meet!!

Elaine A. said...

Ha Ha Ha! That's SO true. But like you said, it's cool... ; )