Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Big 3+0 and a Belly Pic (33 weeks and a day)

I remember when I hit 20. And I loved my 20's.

The good.

The bad.

And everything in between.

Here are a few highlights from my 20's:

*Joined the Air Force at 21

*Met my husband

*Married my husband

*Went to Iraq

*Survived my tour in Iraq

*Got pregnant, but the baby passed away a few weeks later

*Moved to Turkey for 2 years

*Got pregnant with Isabella

*Left the Air Force at 27 to be a stay at home momma

*Moved to Mississippi

*Bought our first home

*Had my lovely daughter, Isabella

*Got pregnant with Madelyn


I'm not sure how my 30's will compete with all of that--but I do know that my 30's will be amazing. I've grown so much, learned so much and best of all?

I am a wife and a mother. Just saying those two things takes my breath away. I am incredibly lucky to have a great family.

So, good bye 20's....and hello 30's!


33 weeks and a day!

Notice the lack of wedding rings--the lovely swelling has officially begun!


Elaine A. said...

Aw, Happy Birthday!! So far my 30's have been great and I'm over 4 years in. The 20's were good too but it just keeps gettin' better...

And look at the precious baby belly! : )

grandma and grandpa said...

Hope you had a great birthday Chelle! Was good to talk with you a little bit and hear about everything and listen to Isabella jabbering in the background!
We are sure excited for little Madelyn to arrive too! Know she will be another adorable little girl like Bella.
Looks like she is growing :-) Know the last weeks aren't real easy...hope they go by fast for you!
Loved the nesting post! I remember those days!! Remember your mom during those days too!
love you, gma and gpa

Heather said...

What a cute belly you have there!!!! I just love baby bellies! You will LOVE your 30's! So far they have been wonderful for me and I am only 32! (yes, I just admitted that!!! LOL!) It does just get better and better!

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a good one!

Formerly Gracie said...

Happy 3-0 and 3-3!

Jill and Rick said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday, hon! I love the color of the new shirt on you, and I LOVE seeing your Madelyn tummy!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have an amazing birthday! What a great decade you had! Well minus the miscarriage.. that must have been really tough.. well and probably the tour in Iraq wasn't a cake walk either..

LOVE LOVE LOVE the belly shot! Hi there Madelyn I can see you!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You have been such a busy lady in your 20s'! Wow! I hope your 30's are as great for you.

Leslie said...

OMG! Happy Birthday to you!!! Yay!! You are a gemini too~~ (mine is tomorrow!) yay! Hope you enjoy your day. And you look fantastic! ((hugs))

amanda said...

happy happy birthday friend :)

the belly is beyond adorable!!

Allison R said...

happy, happy birthday!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Wow, you are almost done!

I will be 31 this year.....It's not so bad.

a H.I.T. said...

Happy Birthday!!! What big milestones you've reached already. Here's to hoping the 30s are even better than the 20s!

Loukia said...

OMG, that is your belly at 33 weeks? That was MY belly at 14 weeks, no kidding! At least with my second! LOL! Love it! Wow, you had a great decade in your 20's huh? I can't believe you were in the Air Force! And you were in Iraq... wow... I don't know what to say but wow and you're awesome. :)
Your 30's will be the best... nothing better than being a mom and watching your little ones grow up! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Becks said...

You look great!! You have the cutest baby belly!! Welcome to the 30 club, i just joined too. So far so good!

BTW - I love the name Madelyn! Can't wait to meet her :)

Susan said...

Love your belly pic!
Happy Belated birthday. Sounds like your 20's were fabulous, but I am sure your 30's will be filled with memories and blessings beyond your imagination.