Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Peease, peease!"

Last nite Leo and I were watching Revolutionary Road (which I liked, btw--good movie).

Isabella was crying so hard in her room so we took her out to comfort her. I never like her sobbing herself to sleep...ever.

She sat on my lap for the longest time, snuggling and cuddling.

She got down after awhile and played with her baby and her pretend food. Just sitting there quietly and enjoying some extra time with her mommy and daddy.

After about an hour Leo announced to her it was time for bed. He got up to scoop her up--already armed with her "mimi" (blankie) and paci.

She looked at me, eyes wide and ran towards the chair that I was in.

"Peease! Peease!"

I looked down and there she was with her arms held up to me so I would scoop her up onto my lap.

Leo and I died laughing!

"Peease" is her new favorite word...and she's really smart on when to use it--such as begging me to peease pick her up to save her from bedtime, ha!

Little stinker....


Patrice said...

aww! That is too cute! I don't know if I would be able to resist that! You're strong! lol

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

That a smart little cutie! They learn how to use those things at the right time so quickly, don't they?

I read Revolutionary Road and did not really like the book...I think I might give the movie a try.

Lindsay said...

aww so cute! They know how to pull those heart strings! Last night Tim and I decided to give the no paci to bed a try.. it broke my heart! Paci please.. When I went in to try and comfort him.. he pointed to the cabinet in his room where the pacifiers are kept and said, paci right there.. please.. i caved.. How in the world are we ever going to break the habit??

Kristi said...

Sooooo cute!

Loukia said...

Oh, so cute! How could you resist that!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Little kiddos sure know how to work it, don't they? :)

The Nice One said...

Oooooh they learn YOUNG how to turn the works on and manipulate the Mama!!!! Good for her!