Sunday, June 21, 2009

We're Back!

We are back from Florida...and I think we are all exhausted!

We got there Friday afternoon--a little later--I had to stop at Target for a maternity swimsuit (no luck--they only had smalls!!) and then I had to stop a time (or two) for a break....

When we got there our temp on our car was 104 degrees! Liz (my dear friend) called us and told us it was 111 The heat was seriously no joke!

We bbq'd that nite like we always did in Turkey, the guys sat out and drank beers, I ooh'd and awww'd over their adorable baby girl, Emma and we played some fun games--Uno Attack, Cranium. It was just like we were in Turkey--except now both families have little girls! Amazing!

Isabella was once again mesmerized by Emma. Giving her tons of lovin' and kisses. She was just so excited to be with bay-bee!

Saturday we woke up and the guys went and got us some delicious donuts--they were awesome! After eating we got ready for a day at the beach down in Fort Walton. We stopped at the BX on base first where we looked around and had a Starbucks. Then off to the Boardwalk and beach. We found me a pair of swim shorts there and then went and had the most delicious lunch at Anglers. It was to die for!

Isabella gagged on part of our quesadilla and proceeded to throw up all over me while the guys were off playing some video games the restaurant had. Nice! Why is it Leo is always MIA when catastrophe strikes? *smile*

By the time we made our way to the beach I had to sit down. The heat was sooo intense. Both for me and little Emma. The guys decided that we could go to the waterpark--and of course I cried b/c I felt like I was ruining everyone's day. Have I mentioned how sensitive I am this pregnancy? I just feel like I should have realized at, ahem, 34 weeks pregnant I would have known that the beach and 100+ degrees would make it impossible for me to endure.

After being reassured that it was more than fine to leave we headed to the waterpark.

Isabella was asleep within seconds of being buckled in her seat--complete with the baby drool--it was adorable! There's something adorable about baby drool when sleeping. Or toddler drool--aw!

We had a blast at the waterpark. Isabella, Leo and I went on a double raft down the lazy river. Isabella was laid back on Leo's lap just enjoying it. We've never taken her to one before and she was just in awe.

After we circled a few times we went to the wave pool where I took Isabella out and sang to her and let her just have fun swimming with me. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but after a few of her favorite songs she really enjoyed it. We sang, floated and just enjoyed her first true waterpark and swimming experience.

(I decided to opt out of taking my camera into the waterpark. I had it for at the beach, but I didn't want to be lugging it around a waterpark or have to cram it in the locker we rented.)

We had a wonderful, relaxing time--Leo hated having us leave Saturday, but he had to work at 4:00 am today (Sunday).

I can't wait until we can make it there again! We LOVED Florida! It's gorgeous and the vibe there is so relaxing. Our friends totally made us feel at home (like they always have) and we soaked up every last second with them. Even Isabella stayed up late on Friday and got to miss out on naptime on Saturday--what a lucky little girl!


Summer said...

Sounds like a really fun trip! I'm glad it was such a great getaway for you!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a really great trip!! ohhhh that would be way to hot to be pregnant! I would have been asking to sit down as well!

Jennifer said...

I am only 25 weeks prego and can not do the beach. Right now all this Fl girl does is pool,water park or in side play dates. Let me know the next time you make it down here :) May be we can meet :)

amanda said...

glad you had such a great trip!

and for the record i am really, really proud of you for even attempting to go outside to the beach and the waterpark! i am not preggers and think it's too hot out!!

grandma said...

Really enjoyed reading about your Fla. trip. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I would have HATED the heat however.. It is in the 90's here now and the heat index around 100 or so.. Also loved reading about little Isabella's wanting a cookie for breadfast.
It sure seems like she is coming up with new words every day now!
Can't wait to see little Madelyn!
love you all, gma and gpa

Loukia said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Yay!

Jill and Rick said...

Soundslike you had a great time (if we don't count crying when you left the beach, ha!)

Love you!