Thursday, June 11, 2009

It Tastes Like Metal....

The other nite Leo brought me one of the delicious lemon bars that I made while we were watching tv.

I took my first bite and that's when the following went down:

Me: Yuck!!

Leo: What's wrong?! They're really good!

Me: My fork! It tastes like....metal!

Leo: (looks at me like I've completely lost my mind....) Um, babe? It is metal!

Me: No, no--it has that bitter metal taste. It's disgusting and it's making my teeth hurt. I can't eat anymore. Not with the fork. (**note** in no way am I ever dramatic. Ever.).

Leo: (rolling his eyes) Do you want another fork?

Me: No, I'm okay. See? I'm using my hands.

Has that ever happened to anyone? That bitter metal taste? Do we need new silverware? We've had this for 5 years now (it was a wedding gift).

Just wondering if I'm the only lone metal sensitive person out there...


Loukia said...

I sort of know what you're talking about! Maybe you should get new cutlery? ;)

llespy said...

I know the exact taste you are talking about. I tasted metal one morning while eating cereal for breakfast and soon after found out I was pregnant with Natalie. I never had the metal taste again, but I'm certain it had to do with the pregnancy hormones!

Lindsay said...

I know what your talking about! I would think it probably has to do w/ being pregnant.. maybe something about the lemon bars made the taste stronger? Have you used any silverware since then?

Kristi said...

I hate that!!! That happens to me all the time. Weird. Must run in our family?

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i have totally had that happen before... it ruins the current eating experience! the last time it happened to me was with real silver silverware though. and it was old... idk if silverware "goes bad" but i DO know what you're talking about. and it's very annoying!