Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glasses USA {A Winey Mommy Review}

Recently I've been in the market for a new pair of eyeglasses. I've worn glasses for so long--and it's always hard for me to find "the pair". For those of you who wear glasses I'm sure you can agree with me--glasses that are great priced, great quality and cute are hard to find. It would seem if I found one pair that I loved it would be a few hundred dollars. And if I found a pair that would be decently priced they would be such poor quality that I didn't even bother buying--no use in throwing money down the drain!

When I saw that Glasses USA had affordable prescription eyeglasses that looked great, got great reviews and were decently priced, I was intrigued. I knew what style I wanted--plastic frames--and got to searching. Oh my gosh, they had a ton of cute glasses to choose from! I literally couldn't decide, so I finally asked Leo to help me pick. We ended up picking out the Taylor Black Amber pair. They were cute, modern and exactly what I was looking for.
 As soon as they arrived I was so pumped to have my new eyeglasses! I opened the box and right away I was pleased. They were packed in a box that fit the eyeglass case perfectly--and that was wrapped in bubble wrap. I opened them and fell in love. The eyeglass frames were made wonderfully. They are high quality and not flimsy at all--which is a huge factor in my book because with a toddler and an infant? I need a pair that will uphold everything that could happen with my little girls stealing my glasses! They also included a cleaning cloth with my prescription. I tried on the glasses and fell in love. They fit perfectly and they looked great. When Leo got home he complimented me right away--I was so happy he noticed my cute new frames.

Glasses USA has prescription glasses--lenses included--that start at just $18! There is free shipping on all orders over $99--at that price you could get 3 pairs of glasses {maybe more}. They are that reasonably priced. All you need is your prescription and it's so easy to scan it onto your computer to send in. They have wonderful customer service and a help center if you need any assistance or have questions. I'm telling you, it was SO easy to order my glasses. I loved the ease and ability to order from home.

Thank you to Glasses USA for the opportunity to review a pair of eyeglasses. I will definitely order through Glasses USA again and I highly recommend all of my readers to order their next pair of prescription eyeglasses from Glasses USA.

All opinions expressed above are based on my own honest opinion. I was able to order a pair of glasses that were my choice in order to complete this review. Thank you to Glasses USA for this opportunity.


Dimes2Vines said...

It is good to know where to get deals on glasses!
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blueviolet said...

They're cute!!! Good choice!!!

G-Zell said...

I so need some new glasses I have had this pair for 3 years going on 4.. due to budget cuts LOL

THose are sooo cute! I love it!

Connie K said...

Cute !! i need new ones the old ones arent working anymore lol bad eyes :( Very chic

Anonymous said...

Im gonna show hubby this. He is in need of new glasses.

The Garden Bell said...

Love your pick. I will have to head over and see if they have plain old readings. Goodness, know I don't ever have enough of those laying all over the house in just about every color... but a new pair is not a problem for me. Thanks for the info....

Kate xoxoxoxo - The Garden Bell