Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No More Guessing Games When Fighting a Child's Fever {A Winey Mommy Review}

As a Mom I've had to use Acetaminophen Infant Drops {such as Tylenol Infant Drops}, Children's Acetaminophen {Children's Tylenol} and Children's Ibuprofen {Children's Motrin/Children's Advil}.

I sometimes get frustrated when I have no idea how much of a fever/pain reliever to give Isabella or Madelyn. There are so many different doses to remember and I always end up making a phone call to my pediatrician. After making the consult call I then have to wait until they call me back--which is sometimes hours. And we all know that when you have a sick baby or child that desperately needs relief from their fever, hours can feel like a lifetime.


When I heard about the Pediatric Fever Fighter Dosing Card I was thrilled! This card is the winner of the January 2010 Yak About It Faceoff and I understand why. It's a lifesaver for anyone who is a parent or caregiver for children and/or infants.

The Pediatric Fever Fighter Dosing Card was developed by an ER physician who had more than 15 years of experience. There are too many times when inadequate dosing of OTC fever fighters have caused children to suffer from uncontrolled fevers--which is one of the most common ER visits or ped office visits.

This sliding card is simple and easy to read. You simply pull the card up or down until you get your child's weight {lbs or kg} in the viewing window. One side is for infants; the other is for children. No guessing, no wondering. It's all right there convenient and easy. You could easily hang it up on your refrigerator or place in your medicine cabinet so you won't have to hunt it down. They will soon be offering the cards in Spanish as well as a wallet sized card--perfect for when you are travelling or away from home!

***Buy It***

You can purchase the dosing card at all Buy Buy Baby stores, all Kerr Drug Stores in North Carolina as well as many other locations. The card retails for $3.99.

***Final Thoughts***

I love this card and will keep it posted on my refrigerator until my daughters are old enough to not need infant/children fever fighting medications. I highly recommend this card to all parents and caregivers that read my blog--because when it comes to our children it is up to us to ensure that they are given the proper dosage on all medications.

No monetarty compensation was received and all opinions expressed above are my own. I received a dosing card in order to provide an honest review.

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