Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Straws, Spit and Margaritas. A Nite to Remember...

You know the one. The child that is a little out of control. The child that may be a little louder than others. The one who makes me want to laugh hysterically while at the same time try to manage some sort of discipline.

And in case you are wondering? It's Isabella who is this one. My free spirited, full of life little girl.

Take tonite. It was margarita nite--buy one get one free {I wish some of y'all lived closer. I would love nothing more than to take you to this treasure of a restaurant!}--so we decided to just go out for dinner. Leo's been working so much lately and I can't remember his last day off from work. I just wanted to treasure going out with him while we wait on word that it's time for him to leave for a few monts.

As I'm drinking margarita number two As I'm sipping on my drink I notice two little boys--around 5 & 6 years old behind us. Madelyn was in my lap and the boys were telling her hi over and over. Peeking at her. Playing with her.

Fast forward a little bit. I now have Isabella sitting by me. She's peeking at the boys. The boys are peeking at her. She starts giggling. The boys keep peeking. This went on forever. I pretty much ignored it, repeating to Isabella to turn around.

I then hear the little boy saying something to his Mom. I overheard her telling him to stop and for him to turn around. I glance at Isabella who was looking at me with her big doe eyes--as if she was saying "What, Mommy? What?"

I turn back to my food and 'rita...and then I see what's in her hand. A straw. Chewed up. Wet. Full of disgustingness.

And then I hear Leo telling me to take.the straw.away.

I grab it, look at him, telling her to turn around and leave the little boy alone...and then I see the boy. Wiping furiously at his face--and now glaring--at my girl.

I didn't know whether to laugh. Cry. Or hide.

I had her apologize. He accepted the apology.

And Isabella went back over to her "Pops" as she calls Leo as if nothing happened.

It made me realize that sometimes? Someone may need to just hear the word sorry. Me? I'm the most stubborn always right never wrong girl. { Woman? Momma? Mommy??} I have no idea why it is so freaking hard for me to admit that I was wrong {which I'm never wrong, haha!} and that I'm sorry.

Isabella? She made it seem just so easy. I seriously need to take a lesson from my little girl in the whole sorry thing...


The Mommyologist said...

Oh the adventures of dining out with the kiddos!! Don't beat yourself up too much!! We're all doing the best we can!

Shell said...

You're brave for taking them out! I rarely take my kids out to eat somewhere that doesn't have a playplace.

Partly because of their behavior, but mostly so I can have more margaritas!

Krystyn said...

Oh, no. I would have been so embarrassed! Glad she made it easy.

blueviolet said...

Oh ewwwww...but she didn't know! Good job with the apology though. Well done!

Working Mommy said...

Oh...I would have laughed...then gotten my straw and blew rita on the kid too!! LOL!


Pres. Kathy said...

How funny! There is never a dull moment with kids!