Monday, May 10, 2010

L'il Critters Gummy Vites Review

Being a Mom I am always trying to keep my daughters healthy. Once Isabella turned two I was happy that she was old enough to take a children's multivitamin. I try as hard as possible to serve her a nutritious of meals as possible, but that doesn't always guaranty that she will eat everything that I serve her.

Since turning two we have tried a variety of different types of children's multivitamins both gummy and chewable. She prefers the gummy type and since being aware of that I have searched for one that she will not put off eating. Some are too hard and certainly does not feel "gummy". Others are softer, but you can smell the vitamin smell as soon as you open the jar--which isn't a pleasant smell...

Our latest brand of gummy vitamins was L'il Critters Gummy Vites. After I opened the bottle I smelled it. I was relieved to smell a fruit scent and not the vitamin and mineral scent. I took two bears out of the bottle--they were soft like they should be. After giving them to Isabella she literally gobbled them up. I asked her if she liked them--her response was asking for more. I took that as a GREAT sign and I'm relieved to have finally found the vitamin for my family. Gummy Vites was the 2009 Chef's Best Taste winner--which I can say I agree with that award judging by Isabella's eagerness for more {don't worry--I didn't give her another serving!}.

L'il Critters offers more than just Gummy Vites for children. They have Calcium Gummy Bears, Fruit & Veggie Gummy Bears, and more. These are all made by Northwest Natural Products which produce the VitaFusion line for adults--gummy vitamins, Vitamin C supplements, fiber supplements, calcium supplements, and many more products. Northwest Natural has something for everyone in the family!

I love their website as well. It's easy to navigate and has information ranging from supplement facts, nutrition for your children to include sneaking veggies into their meals, general safety for all ages of children, and car seat safety info. Have an older aged child? They offer a kids club, too! Theirs a ton of fun info, puzzles, and games--I can't wait for my daughters to get a little older so they can play on the site with me on a rainy day.

In conclusion, I would recommend L'il Critter Gummy Vites to my readers. I'm very impressed with their high quality and how much Isabella enjoyed them.

A big thank you to Northwest Natural Products for supplying me with the products to review. No other compensation was given.


Vashey Fam said...

Yep, Wyatt loves them too!

Mom2three said...

We've used Gummy Vites for years and my kids love them. I used them with my older two when they were little and now with my youngest. We've also discovered Spring Valley Gummie D-3 this last year and they are yummy gummies! Coming in Peach, blackberry, and strawberry flavors, they taste more like jello packed with 1000 iu per serving (2 gummies). Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and really helps support absorption of calcium! We've also used Fiber Gummies when we can find them as Youngest doesn't get enough fiber.

blueviolet said...

Why didn't they have something like this when I needed it??

jo oliver said...

Hi, just wanted to drop by from TwitterMoms. Beautiful blog. I have to crush my daughters vits- so gummy doesn't work so well for me- lol. Anyway, was looking for fellow Mississippi mom bloggers. Glad I found you. Drop by my blog if you have time.

Tasha said...

Heck I use them for me!